The Lion King review

The Lion King is a Disney animated film directed by Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff and is centred on the story of lion cub and king to be Simba, under his parents guidance, as he explores the world and learns different things about it, including the rather nefarious characters that inhabit it. The film stars Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Moira Kelly.

Well where do you start with The Lion King, one of the most loved, well recognized and cherished animated films of all time, the setting, Disney crafted a wonderfully imaginative and fun world populated by animals, giving audiences something different right off the bat, the characters are vibrant, funny and all likeable to points, even the villainous ones including Scar. And this speaks to quality of the writing and strong characterization in the film, a story driven heavily by its great set of characters, from the eclectic and humorus Timon and Pumba to the heroic Mufasa, to the maturing Simba, the story crafts and carefully interlinks loveable and memorable characters.

It’s a great looking film as well for its time, the animation was sophisticated and has great style to it, showing an emphasis of tone in dramatic scenes for example with dark colours in dark scenes and environmental effects (lightning, thunder) and frenetic action in fast paced, tense scenes, the great use of colour tones and stylised animation goes perfectly with the films stellar soundtrack as well. An award winning soundtrack that is one of the more memorable if not the most memorable thing about the film, so popular that it’s gone onto spawn a musical show worldwide, the songs are fantastic and match up with scenes to a tee and well they’re also just really catchy, I dare you to re-watch The Lion King and try not sing along.

And that’s the joy of the film, it’s happy and jovial and importantly just really fun, despite some darker and emotional moments, it has a great plot that’s straightforward and accessible for all ages, despite adult themes, there’s things for children with the humour and things for the adults as well with the themes present. The more emotional moments really hit home as well and are surprisingly touching, achieved with some pretty fantastic voice acting, coupled with the great animation that brings characters to life with an expressive touch.

And in making such a fun, enjoyable film, Disney highlights its aim to entertain and engage with its storytelling through well done animated stories and they definitely succeeded with The Lion King, an effortlessly fun tale for the ages that doesn’t feel dated at all and is just as great to watch on your 5th viewing than it was on your first.


. Awesome set of characters

. Stellar, fun and fitting soundtrack

. Great, engaging story


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