Toy Story review

Toy Story is a 1995 Pixar movie, directed by John Lasseter, starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Jim Varney and is focused on a group of living toys who live in the their child owner Andys’ bedroom, Andy gets a new toy in the new, flashy Buzz Lightyear and his most treasured toy – Woody feels threatened by him.

Toy Story is a fantastic, well told story that just about everyone can recognize and remember and one of the staples for an animated film, managing to combine great story telling, interesting plot and character development and humor to make an entertaining watch for the whole family and the template set by Toy Story is more or less what Pixar has stuck to ever since. And Toy Story works on so many levels, having an interesting, diverse set of characters that help make the story from the iconic Buzz and Woody, to Slinky, Rex and Mr/Mrs Potato Head, even the supporting characters all play important parts to the story. Even with a fairly big roster of toy characters in the film, their different personalities and quirks make them entertaining and relevant to the plot as their unique abilities make for comedic elements or help move the plot along itself.

The story also goes to more darker, emotional places and tempers those moments well, with them not feeling out of place in the story but understandable, the characters also deliver in these moments while the film makes sure the tonal balance is maintained, with the plot not being too dark or forcing comic relief in said darker moments. A great balancing act that represents how evenly put together the film is.

The characters in the film are brought to life by enthusiastic and very expressive voice acting, Hanks and Allen are the films driving forces and bring some stellar performances of their career, bringing life to Woody and Buzz though they’re only lending their voices (and some motion capture), while the films’ animation itself still looks decent now and at the time looked awesome.

Toy Story is a drama at its’ heart but also very heavily steeped in comedic elements, helped by a brilliantly written story and some super memorable lines, how about “To infinity and beyond!”. Lines that have gone down in cinema history and cemented their iconic status. Toy Story works wonders in bringing a basic, imaginative premise to lifein a great engaging story with some lively, fun characters, a surprisingly touching film and one of Disney and Pixars best still, 20 years on.


. Great, iconic story

. Awesome voice acting

. Heartfelt, emotional moments and characters


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