Bad Boys review

Director Michael Bay comes fast out of the blocks with the crime comedy Bad Boys, a film that for all intents and purposes inspired modern buddy cop films, as two enthusiastic detectives protect a murder witness and investigate another case, the film stars Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Lisa Boyle.

Probably one of Michael Bays better action films, Bad Boys still carries several Bay-isms from lens flare to slow-mo to crude main characters but this time around it feels… fun, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are brilliantly cast in it as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett and work quite well off of each other and together and the writing brings out some intense performances from them both. With both of them being quite funny and serious when they need to be in other scenes, though Will Smith totally steals the show in one of his funniest performances so there is some good writing present for sure (though not written by Michael Bay).

The crude, in your face nature of the film is polarizing of course, you’ll either find it hilarious or just obnoxious and it’s a film that makes no apologies for its style, tone and humour, which does work well in some points though the film isn’t necessarily hilarious throughout. The plot is pretty bare bones here however and with a basic premise, you know roughly what’s going to go down and there are a few predictable elements. As well as a modern action trope of the bumbling henchmen and throwaway bad guys and the evil big bad who’s pulling the strings and is laughably one note but who cares about depth here, *insert explosion in slow mo*.

The action is decently done though and Bay knows how to direct frenetic, somewhat tense scenes with plenty of destruction present and madcap shootouts, though throughout the scenes there’s always the undercurrent of humour as Mike and Marucs banter with and play off of each other, despite the situation, this may take out some of the tension but it does play up to the buddy cop sub genre. And as a buddy cop film, Bad Boys works fairly well, not bringing anything groundbreaking even with its Bay-isms and use of lens flare and slow-mo which soon made its way into modern action films everywhere after The Matrix, the thing to note here is that Bays action films don’t exactly innovate or bring much new to the table but they work as serviceable films in terms of what they’re trying to do.

Decent action flick but nothing mind blowing, the film is well cast but far too light on plot even despite it being a Michael Bay action film, though there are some decent laughs in the film.


. Good chemistry between Smith and Lawrence

. Some decent action scenes

. Predictable plot


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