Batman And Robin review

Oh dear

Joel Schumacher directs Batman And Robin, as Batman and Robin strive to keep their relationship in check, they work together alongside Batgirl to stop Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze from destroying Gotham, the film stars George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman, Chris O’Donnel, Alicia Silverstone.

As bad as the film is and it pretty much is the worst comic book film of all time, eat your heart out Fant4stic, I applaud the effort and welll… that’s about the only positive, sadly it falls far short of being good and slides into self parody territory. Which is a shame because with that cast, it really should have worked but no, no it didn’t, even with the likes of Clooney and Uma Thurman, Clooney wasn’t a terrible Batman to be fair but had to work with a pretty dire script and… had nipples on his Bat suit.

Also the directing was far too literal for the villains in Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman) and Mr Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the subtlety of the excellent Nolan Batman films is nowhere to be found with Mr Freeze telling people to freeze and making ice jokes, which may have been a good idea to the filmmakers at the time during production but… just no. Mr Freeze is actually a great character and making him into a wisecracking one note villain really under sold him, similarly Poison Ivys persona was made way too over the top to be any good, as was the intelligent Bane (Jeep Swenson), reduced to a growling, hulking henchman.

In trying to make a comic book feeling world, it just felt too reductive and ironically didn’t work as a film, compelling, great characters need to have depth and some semblance of reality to them after all and not many in the film did, even Robin (Chris O’Donnel) kinda just felt like a whiny kid, just out to argue with Bruce Wayne.

The film looks… well stylised, with what I imagine to be attempts to portray the characters as accurately as possible from certain comics and yeah the costumes and make up are pretty bad, amateur-ish looking and just not well thought through (why do the Batfamily suits have nipples?) Bane looks terrible and Arnie just looks like a bald dude painted silver with a random bowl over his head. Ah the bad memories, I think that’s about enough for this review, for shame.


. Awful costumes and makeup

. Poor performances and delivery

. Tries to hard to be a good comic book movie


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