The Silence Of The Lambs review

Hannibal makes his debut in this psychological thriller, directed by Jonathan Demme, about a young FBI cadet who works with the help of the incarcerated Hannibal Lecter to work on a case and find a notorious serial killer, the film stars Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins.

A very well directed film, The Silence Of The Lambs is an effective venture into the psychological, scaring and unnerving you as you watch, though it also has its fair amount of shocks and outright bloodshed but never so much that it overwhelms the scene and becomes gore, this is a pretty key thing for the tone of the plot as a whole, with a great amount of subtlety and foreshadowing to rather gruesome murders. The plot is great at subtext and hinting at the unseen, which is still pretty scary, especially in Hannibal himself played by Anthony Hopkins who gives a stellar performance, playing well off the junior, in over her head cadet Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster).

Hannibal is clearly a bit deranged but has a creepy calm demeanor that underlines his persona, he can function normally and discuss cases with people but has to be engaged in an interesting way to get his co-operation and intellect, which makes for some interesting interactions between himself and Clarice, who does her best to power through the intimidating aura that Lecter gives off. And how good is Jodie Foster in this – very, she’s fully convincing as a somewhat intimidated but headstrong cadet, driven to solve her case and willing to work with Hannibal to increasingly dangerous levels and she really is big part of why the film is so effective.

The plot definitely escalates and builds up to a fever pitch with some great use of tension in a few scenes where you can totally see what’s coming next while certain characters can’t and it’s great suspense, suspense that simply grows as the film goes on in fact, working its way into the dramatic and very tense final third which is a riveting watch. The ending as well is great but the sequence in the lead up to it is even better, with some awesome camera work to emphasize the dire situation going on, with great use of different effects and events taking place which just escalate the drama.

Psychological horror done very well sums up The Silence Of The Lambs, featuring one of the most iconic move villains and horror characters, a great, engaging, story underpin what is a great, effective horror film.


. Awesome performances from Hopkins, Foster

. Great use of tension

. Great cinematography


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