Armageddon review

Michael Bay directs this big budget disaster film after an asteroid the size of Texas is discovered, on course for earth, NASA recruits a team of drillers in an attempt to save the earth, starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Steve Buscemi.

It’s silly, it’s stupid, it’s inaccurate, it’s Michael Bay people, Armageddon arrived in a wave of a few late 90s disaster films and it did its thing, not being groundbreaking but being fairly entertaining nonetheless and alongside Bad Boys may just be the most Michael Bay like Michael Bay film ever. Bays own genre motifs are all present here from lens flare, a clear patriotic American theme being present, the main characters walking towards the camera in slow motion etc etc.

And for all the misgivings against Bay, these things don’t necessarily overshadow the film and as a disaster film it’s Okay, with some vague science there and well bad science really from jagged, sharp looking asteroids to the idea of landing astronauts on one and drilling into it with our current technology (though we have landed a sattelite on a comet), it’s silly stuff but somewhat entertaining. The cast does a decent enough job with no performances being that great, though Bruce Willis is probably the star of the show as Harry Stamper and fits well into a big scale non action film, while Billy Bob Thornton was alright in it as well as Dan Truman.

With the disaster looming and the asteroid coming no matter what, the impending sense of doom is there and things get a bit more tense as things go on but that tension is relieve a tad as this is a Michael Bay film and you sort of know what to expect, that being said, later scenes in the film are a bit suspenseful. And again the film plays up the patriotism thing and the idea of self sacrifice for the greater good with some emotional moments that work decently enough but not enough to make the film necessarily good.

The result is predictable, silly fun that is easily forgotten among the 90s better movies but if anyone can do big budget disaster decently, I suppose it’s Michael Bay.


. Predictable plot

. One dimensional charaters

. Decent special effects


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