First look at the Assassins Creed film

So we have a first official look at the upcoming 2016 release, Assasins Creed and I have to say, Michael Fassbender really looks the part and I already get a vibe of an older Ezio from his appearance (the main assassin from Assasins Creed 2), though the film will reportedly use original characters and none from the games, but yeah the photos released look really good actually.

Assassins Creed has a lot to live up to with some recent video game film bombs *cough Agent 47 cough* and if the film is even half decent, it will be better than 90% of other video game films, so I remain hopeful and optimistic about it, especially with the ever consistent and impressive Fassbender at the helm alongside Marion Cotillard. Attracting big name actors and talent to films based on video games has never been the problem, crafting interesting stories with good writing and avoiding lazy clichés has however.

And ironically, when films tend to try to stay as faithful as possible to video game material, the stories often end up being pretty bad, I think sticking to the games premise but making an original, well put together idea is the key and an ideal world would make a decent film but we’ll have to wait and see how this turns out, the film is set for release in December 2016.


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