Se7en review

David Fincher directs Se7en, as two detectives undertake a mysterious case of a serial killer who kills according to the biblical concept of the seven deadly sins, the film stars Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Se7en is a dark, gritty story about a modern crime case and Fincher exercises his great sense of atmosphere and use of tone to create an engaging plot, with a great cast, a fresh faced Brad Pitt in a quite enthusiastic role as Mills, the headstrong homicide detective who wants to solve elaborate cases and solve them quickly, while Morgan Freeman brings experience and maturity as Somerset who wants to bring patience and a methodical approach to things.

And the two play off each other quite well with a believable master and apprentice dynamic, making for each of their case discovers different as they uncover new victims, Freeman especially is brilliant in the film with some great lines from his character, a credit to the films quality writing. The dialogue is great and has a realistic feeling to it, really allowing the characters in the film to express themselves and feel distinct, Mills especially is quite funny as the foul mouthed, impatient type and is swearing in just about every scene, while Somerset is always calm. The two detectives relationship makes for an interesting dynamic and contrast in how they approach the case they’re working on and analyse the culprit. Though in other scenes, Mills brings intensity and raw emotion out, via his frustrations about the case and his relationship with his girlfriend, and intensity, of course is something Fincher can bring out of actors quite well.

The plot is great, engaging and drawing you in as things go on in a case that you yourself may try to piece together and with that solving a case element, there’s an added dimension to the film as you the viewer also want to find out who’s behind what’s going on and as things go on, there’s an effective use of tension in quite a few scenes and chase sequences as the detectives get closer to their goal. The tension is brought out with some very atmospheric music that ‘s both suspenseful and fitting for the scenes, coupled with a generally dark looking movie in terms of colouring and lighting with rainy scenes, night time scenes or generally overcast scenes, fitting the films dark tone and themes.

And the use of colour tone here is deliberate, going with the subtext of the movie, that being of just another disturbing criminal case taking place in a messed up slice of life, though life goes on regardless. And of course with the iconic twist ending, the plot manages to keep you guessing right up until the end, a harsh and unforgiving conclusion to a well told story.


. Has some great performances

. Great use of tension

. Plot has some interesting surprises and turns, stays engaging throughout


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