Captain America Civil War concept art reeased

Team Iron Man (Pro-registration)
Team Cap (Anti-registration)
More concept art shown on Jeremy Renners twitter account

So we have some concept art from the upcoming Civil War movie, highlighting who will be on which side as Marvels heroes battle it out over the government enforced superhero registration act. Lines clearly drawn down the middle and there’s even a little surprise there with Black Widow on Iron Mans side as opposed to Caps, though rumours are out there that one person on one of the teams may not be a mole for the other side, so that should be interesting.

Seeing all the characters lined up and present is pretty cool though, especially Black Panther in costume, who looks quite good actually and even The Winter Soldier, free to act on his own at the end of The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man is here as well, standing on Hawkeyes shoulder. There are some notable omissions here of course, Thor – he may not be in the film at all and we’ll have to wait and see a trailer to get more info on that and even then Marvel may sneak him into the film and no Hulk, who reportedly isn’t in the film at all either, though Mark Ruffalo was seen near the set when they were filming and Spiderman, not present on either side but he is in the film.

Scarlet Witch as well isn’t clearly shown on either side but will be in the film, possibly sitting out aligning herself to either side but even as Avenger, I doubt she’ll warm easily to Iron Mans side.

All in all though, things are looking pretty good and for a Marvel story that a lot of fans thought wouldn’t really work due to a lack of characters, it’s shaping up nicely and it will of course just gross a lot of money, all of the money in fact and could well outgross both Avengers films in the end, which might not be that surprising as it’s Marvels biggest, most ambitious film yet. Civil War is released on the 6th of May 2016.


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