Prometheus 2 is up next for Ridley Scott

The news earlier in the week and you may have heard it already but rejoice Prometheus fans out there, all five of you… but who am I kidding, I liked the film. Anyway Ridley Scott is reportedly prioritizing the sequel to Prometheus and getting that done as his next project, which is scheduled to start filming at the start of 2016 with a possible release sometime in 2017.

This means that Neil Blomkamps’ upcoming Alien movie will remain upcoming for a little while longer though, as Ridley Scott prefers to get the new Prometheus out beforehand as it seems he doesn’t want a new Alien film to take too much attention away from the Prometheus films and because Sigourney Weaver needs to be more available to shoot the new Alien film. All in all it’s good news for Alien fans though as new films are well on the way and we won’t have to wait that much longer.

I personally am intrigued by the ideas put forward by Prometheus and I’m curious to see where Scott will take his created prequel but not really a prequel story next and of course there are a load of questions still unanswered, where do the tall bald aliens come from and why do they hate humans? What exactly is the black goo? Does any of this really have anything to do with Alien? Whether any of these questions will get answered is uncertain but I think one thing is certain, we’ll probably just have more questions by the time the film comes out.

But you know, I think there’s still room for some interesting storytelling and themes to come and I have faith Ridley Scott will make another captivating film in the universe he’s made.


4 thoughts on “Prometheus 2 is up next for Ridley Scott

  1. The Xeno, I suspect, may have inspired the Goo. The Pod is is dormant, the Facehugger creates a Chestburster with xeno traits, but genetically compatible to its host’s environment.

    I wonder that the Engineers took those traits and designed the Goo after them as the Black Goo re-purposes DNA, modifying instinctual components of its host, while leaving its physical blue print largely unaltered – though Xeno retro-fitted.

    Whether or not the Xeno we all know is its natural form, or modified by the Goo, is the question. I wonder if the Engineers were attempting an airborne version of the Goo when something went wrong. This would be why we only see the Goo.


    • That’s an interesting breakdown, I never really thought of what made the goo itself and I think they might have been with the airborne part.

      You have to wonder how they planned to use the stuff on a large scale if it was just limited to those pods.I have a feeling Ridley Scott is misleading us a bit and hinting at what made the xenos but not really revealing it just yet, Prometheus 2 should show us good more info.

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  2. Then again, it may all be airborne. The ‘goo’ might only be a suspension gel for a black agent that activates if inhaled OR ingested (as David demonstrated at the billiards table).

    Those canisters, oddly, resemble pods. They have only a tiny amount of ‘black goo’ relative to the canister size and who knows what area-dispersion efficacy that amount has?

    A pod, though, is another story. Aliens makes it clear that a few pods – if not one – is enough to start a colony. Hopefully you’re right about Prometheus 2 shedding light on things.


    • Yeah that is true, we still don’t know the inns and outs of the stuff and it could be more effective than it seems, I think Prometheus 2 will probably just raise more questions.

      But I hope we do get some answers as well.

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