Terminator 2: Judgement day review

James Cameron continues the Terminator franchise in its’ definitive outing with Terminator 2, continuing the story of Sarah Connor in the modern day, protecting her son John Connor from the T-1000 cyborg, sent back to kill him, this time around the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent back from the future by Kyle Reese to protect John at all costs.

Arnie is back in full flow with the returning Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong, as Sarah and John Connor, as well as Robert Patrick as the relentless T-1000, James Cameron directs a very good cast, all well fitting in their roles, driven by Arnies’ robust and archetypal portrayal of the hero, the opposite to the menacing, lethal T-1000. While Hamilton and Furlong are also great, Hamilton portraying the role of a kick ass mother trying to protect her son, knowing the circumstances against her may be a bit impossible at times, Furlong also brings youth and innocence to the role, not just being a target, he also fights back and brings some snark to the film. And even aside Arnie as the a new T-800, the cast are all pretty great.

T2 is seen by many as the quintessential action film and deservedly so, from the designs of the terminators, to the set pieces and action, it’s an iconic, ever re-watchable and fantastic movie. The action flows really well and is choreographed in a way that makes for some tense, thrilling scenes and it’s also pure sci-fi spectacle at its’ best, watching cyborgs go toe to toe, being nigh unkillable and skilled physical fighters. The fight scenes are excellently choreographed and are great to watch, with the film being able to extend them and make them quite elaborate due to the nature of the Terminators durability and toughness. And the T-1000 was a great addition to the story as it presented a new, deadly threat in a terminator superior to Arnies’ T-800 as it can also shift and morph its’ body into different ,deadly shapes and also take on the appearance of anyone, it presented a truly formidable and practically unstoppable threat, a great villain.

The set pieces in the film are also brilliant, from extended car chase sequences, that iconic aqueduct/truck scene, to the extended shootouts and despite being 24 years old now, these scenes are great to watch and quite gripping, especially because of the inclusion of the T-1000, we know it’s a superior and proficient killing machine but watching Sarah, John and the T-800 overcome obstacles and try to survive still makes for some compelling tension.

And what a great, iconic soundtrack, it’s become a staple of the Terminator franchise, widely recognizable and it fits perfectly. The plot overall flows seamlessly from scene to scene and has great pacing for a film over 2 hours and 20 minutes long, showing just how well put together the film is, it’s a blockbuster without the the one dimensional characters or a weak, throwaway villain and it’s an entertaining thrill ride with some great spectacle.

T2 stands the test of time and remains one of the best action films of all time, directed superbly by James Cameron, it’s still the standard that the Terminator films have been held up to and rightfully so, because it’s just that good.


. Excellent action scenes and iconic, great set pieces

. Great writing, good dialogue which services Arnies character and Terminator persona well

. Well put together, engaging plot



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