Fant4stic Four review

Yes Fant4stic Four, they marketed it like after all, Josh Trank directs the film, the 2nd re-boot of the comic book property, this time around plagued with in fighting, contradictions and all sorts, the film stars Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, Toby Kebbell.

Ah where to start, well the cast is good… and things go a bit downhill from there, Fox is now notorious for its Fantastic Four films definitely for worse reasons and for a reboot that looked promising, actually decent and like it could have re-invigorated the Fantastic Four for the big screen, the film is a crushing disappointment. And oddly enough, that isn’t entirely Josh Tranks fault, it seems like Trank was responsible for the difference in tone, the gritty, ulti.mate universe depiction of the characters and for the most part it works as a decent re-telling of their origin story.

With the four being quite a bit younger this time around and going to an alternate dimension rather than going into space to get their powers, that part was workable and could have been the foundation for a much better movie but the film sort of falls apart around the half way mark where a notably different tone and style comes into the fray and this is where I think Fox started their meddling with Tranks film to be honest. The four themselves are split up for way too long and simply enough don’t spend enough time together, nowhere near enough time to be a believable team for one, Reed and Sues relationship is also barely there, hinted at but never developed at all and that was a big problem here, a lack of development.

There wasn’t enough time devoted to making these characters feel like they really cared about each other or felt like they needed to fight Doom, who comes in literally in the last 15 minutes or so and decides he wants to be evil, because the plot needed it, a waste of an actually pretty great comic book villain. I can’t really fault the performances here though, they’re solid enough, the cast is good but so wasted here, Michael B Jordan and Kate Mara stood out to me as the better performances and while Miles Teller is a great actor, he felt oddly and uncharacteristically flat as Reed in the film.

Fant4stic just didn’t quite know what it wanted to be, gritty body horror, action flick or character drama? The plot tries to be a bit of all of the above and doesn’t quite cut it as any of them in the end, a melting pot of ideas and tone that just feels too all over the place, with some obvious re-shoots and studio interference, it’s a shame that we have yet another superhero film bomb in the golden age of superhero films.


. Lack of chemistry between the Fantastic Four themselves, barely spend enough time together

. Poor plot development, not enough Doom

. Lacks any real fun


4 thoughts on “Fant4stic Four review

  1. What a turd of a film, I really had high hopes for it, have to wonder if they will end up going back to Marvel or will Fox hold onto them.


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