Wrapping up 90s film fortnight

Well I hope you enjoyed my 90s film reviews which ended up being a bit longer than a week as I came to remember just how many iconic 90s films there are, which couldn’t possibly be covered in just a week unless I posted 3 or more reviews a day and I didn’t want to flood my blog so yeah, though I still got a fair few films covered I’d say. You probably have thought of a few notable films I didn’t do reviews for but I’ll get reviews for them out soon enough.

I really enjoyed going back to some 90s classics I love and watching some interesting films that I’d never seen before as well like American BeautyGlengarry Glen Ross.

As far as lists go, my 90s top 10 would be, in no order:

The Matrix

Jurassic Park 

T2: Judgement Day 

Pulp Fiction

Men In Black

Fight Club 

The Truman Show

Dazed and Confused

The Big Lebowski

The Lion King

And finally, I’ll post 90s film reviews in future regardless and I’ll probably do another decade themed week in future and yes 80s week is for sure next up, another great, influential decade for film. Thanks for reading anyway and keep it locked as there’s more to come.


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