Arrow season 4 trailer

So it’s finally here, the first Arrow season 4 trailer showing what’s to come in the new season and we’re thrown straight into the action, starting where we left off in season 3 as Oliver is away from Star City, giving up his former Arrow mantle while Team Arrow sans Felicity, is still operating and clearly needs his help. Though Oliver won’t be away for too long as we see him back with his team and with his new outfit.

Thea now has her own crime fighting hero outfit, as does Diggle (looks a bit like Magneto with that helmet) and yes, Damien Dahrk, the seasons big bad is now present and letting that fact be known, there’s a fan theory that he’s possibly Felicitys father but we’ll have to to wait and see if there’s anything in that. He seems a bit reserved actually and he’ll probably be more of a manipulator and influence on people at first but you know, also probably wants nothing good for Star City.

Tensions between Oliver and Detective Lance are still high, naturally after last season as is the tension between Oliver and Diggle, again understandably, after Oliver kinda up and left after the finale and because the two butted heads a few times in season 3. Also it seems like Olly and Diggle not getting on might be a plot point as it provides a bit of a roadblock for them when they’re out fighting crime, meanwhile Thea out in the field seems to be a bit unhinged and that’s an interesting angle to again visit with her.

So far I’m digging the look of season 4, it seems action packed and there are several different elements to things already, Damien Dahrk should be a good villain and it looks like the awesome heights of good spectacle and great action we had in season 2 might be making its return, we had that in season 3 as well imo but not everyone thought it was a great season overall.

Talking points

. So are Oliver and Felicity full on dating now?

. What will Ra’s Al Merlyns role be in season 4? Will Nyssa serve under him

. Thea and crime fighting… maybe not a great choice


2 thoughts on “Arrow season 4 trailer

  1. I really hope its better than season 3, I like that they seem to be addressing Thea’s Lazarus Pit madness but Diggle’s helmet, I don’t know if I can take him seriously with that.


    • Yeah hopefully, I didn’t hate season 3 but I do think the end felt rushed and Felicity felt a bit annoying at times. Thea going crazy was teased last season so them doing it makes sense and yeah… kinda looks like Magneto.

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