Ranking the Jurassic Park series

The Jurassic series of a films is a bit of a weird one, with one of the most beloved films of all time in the franchise and some lackluster follow ups to it, though Jurassic World has bucked the trend and is the best Jurassic Park sequel to date, anyway here’s my ranking.

Jurassic Park – 10/10

The best in the series, the most memorable and most well received of course, Jurassic Park is also a modern sci-fi staple and also one of Spielbergs best film, taking an awesome premise and story from the mind of Michael Cricton and bringing it to life in an entertaining and spectacular way on the big screen, there are lots of things to praise it for but the soundtrack, special effects and great pacing are a few to mention. As well as the great acting and engaging plot.

Jurassic World – 8/10

Jurassic World has been a monster hit and it’s a great, entertaining new entry to the story with an updated, relevant setting and a truly menacing new dino in the Indominus Rex, which raises interesting moral questions as a whole. The action is frenetic and rather tense and the cast is good, albeit with a few one dimensional characters here and there, it does stick to the tropes of summer action blockbuster with some predictability but a lot of entertainment value and even some heart. Paying homage to and referencing Jurassic Park but standing on its own as an interesting, separate story.

The Lost World  – 7/10

The Lost World isn’t necessarily bad, maybe a bit misguided though and it falls short with an attempt to capitalize on the first films success and expand the world of the Jurassic films, the returns of some characters was a nice touch though and adding new elements to the story like two T-Rexes was cool, as were some of the set pieces and action sequences. The plot does sort of meander though and the final portion of the film is seen by many fans of the series as irredeemably bad, and while that sequence was nice spectacle, I do agree that it wasn’t really needed.

Jurassic Park 3  – 6/10

JP3 was the first real misstep for the series imo with a story that felt like it liked the magic of Jurassic Park, going back to the infamous islands felt like a weird character errand for John Hammond this time around rather than a fun adventure, there a few plot points that also make the film a bit jarring. The spinosaurus was an interesting alternative choice to the T-Rex but the dino ultimately doesn’t bring much to the story and gets forgotten by the end, meanwhile the plot itself is a bit cliché and lacks that the compelling bite of the other Jurassic films.


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