The Jungle Book trailer #1

So we have our first look at Disneys live action adaptation of The Jungle Book, based on the animated film, it’s directed by Jon Favreau and set for a spring release. We start things off seeing Mowgli out in the jungle with Scarlett Johanssons (playing the snake Kaa) narration and various animals, including two fierce looking tigers, one of them being Shere Khan and the other Bagheera as well as Baloo.

The visuals look pretty stunning from what’s shown so far I have to say and there’s a decidedly more grounded look to things, though the story will be the same more or less as the cheery animated film, I’m trying to imagine random musical numbers in this and I can’t, but if they do get worked in somehow then that will be interesting

It looks decidedly more action packed for sure and is already lumped in the gritty re-imagining category of film but I think this could work, Mowgli running look pretty tense and the animation looks really well done, with a different tone to it, I think the film could still manage to be captivating and stand on its own two feet without having to be too cheery. Also Christopher Walken people, he’s in the film as King Louis as is Bill Murray as Baloo so yeah it will be a fun film. This new take may be off putting to fans of the original film but I think people should give it a shot, the cast is also great and the film definitely has my interest. The Jungle Book has a spring 2016 release date.


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