5 Horror films to look forward to this autumn

Horror, it often gets a bad rap in this day and age and deservedly so for the most part, with horror on TV in the past 4-5 years being of much better quality in my opinion with the likes of The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Hannibal but fear not long suffering horror fans, this autumn is shaping up quite nicely and we may just get a good end of year run for horror. Here are some films that are definite ones to watch.

The Green Inferno – released on the 25th of September

Director – Eli Roth

A long awaited film that could have seen release a year or two ago is finally getting a wide release in a few days, as Eli Roth lets his imagination again run wild following a group of activists who get captured by the very tribe of people they were trying to save, Eli Roth has said the film carries a bit of an anti-online activism message which would be pretty current and relevant in an increasingly online world and it looks to be fairly terrifying. With some shots in there apparently from genuine accidents while filming, the actors natural reactions were caught and despite a pretty bare bones plot and knowing what’s going to happen, it should be a decent watch.

The Final Girls –  released on the 9th of October

Director – Todd Strauss-Schulson

A self aware horror film which looks to have a lot of style and pulls no punches about being a parody of the slasher genre, The Final Girls looks like a lot of fun, part The Cabin In The Woods and part outright slasher film as Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga), daughter of a famous 80s scream queen is transported into her mothers (Malin Akerman) favourite film and has to play it out alongside her friends. Aside the comedy value here, there looks to be a strong emotional core to the story and that should add some more depth to it, also the cast is pretty good and all around it’s looking to be a pretty entertaining film.

Knock Knock – released on the 9th of October

Director – Eli Roth

In what looks like a modern cautionary tale, Keanu Reeves is a happily married man who opens his home to two ladies he doesn’t know and.. things take a turn for the worst as it turns out they don’t have the best intentions for him, the premise is interesting and it’s a different take on the home invasion sub-genre already with two potential female antagonists. The cast is decent as well with Keanu Reeves and Lorena Izzo, the jury is out though as Eli Roth is a polarizing figure in horror but the film looks like it could be a decent suspenseful flick.

Crimson Peak  – released on the 16th of October

Director – Guillermo Del Toro

The horror film I’m most excited for this year by far, master of the modern creature feature and an expert in horror, Del Toro returns with a long awaited film that looks to be a nice homage to classic, gothic horror with an intriguing premise, a brilliant cast and some awesome looking visuals if the trailer is anything to go by. I like the idea of there being a twist as well with things not being exactly as you imagine it and the haunted house sub-genre is something not really done anymore for one and when it is done, it’s never done well. I have a lot of faith in Del Toro as a great storyteller, especially when it comes to horror and things of the more dark style and Crimson Peak should be no exception.

Victor Frankenstein – released on the 25th of November

Director – Paul McQuigan

Written by Max Landis, Victor Frankenstein looks to be a pretty fun re-imagining of the legendary doctors story, a slightly more action oriented and flashy re-telling that still has some of the horror elements of past Frankenstein films, still focusing on Victors struggle with his own creations and coming to terms with what he made. I’m curious to see how it plays out and Daniel Radcliffe as a more functioning Igor should bring an interesting new dynamic to the relationship between the two characters.


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