Heroes reborn premiere review

The anticipated Heroes Reborn kicked off yesterday with a double episode premiere and… things are different for sure, taking place directly after Heroes but several years later, a few characters from the original show have returned including Jack Coleman as Noah Bennett aka HRG, Masi Oka as Hiro, Jimmy Jean Louis as The Haitian and Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh.

But aside those returning characters, the rest of the characters are new to the world of Heroes, now focusing on the relationship between normal humans and ‘Evos’ or powered people as Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joan Collins (Judith Shekoni) hunt them down, they’re the main threat to the powered people for the time being but the other Evos are getting to grip with their powers and finding where they fit in society. Aside the Luke and Joan mercenary angle, the pilot did feel a bit reminiscent of the original Heroes, showing different characters in different settings, coming to terms with their powers with a few people this time around already aware of their powers like with the case of Tommy Clarke, an insecure high school kid that can teleport things and people but to places he doesn’t control where to.

Some of the new characters are kinda interesting, Carlos Gutierrez especially for me, a former army soldier who doesn’t seem to have powers, meanwhile other characters with powers so far are a bit.. cliché and that’s a problem with a few characters to be honest, Tommy seems like the cliché insecure high school kid and Quentin Frady called a ‘truther’ by Noah Bennett is a manic seeming conspiracy theorist. Heroes has always embraced the idea of stereotypical characters for entertainment value and its often over the top style but the story added depth to them as thins went on as I suspect Reborn will do this but 2 episodes and things do feel a bit thin on the ground for a few characters.

And speaking of over the top, the Japanese character Miko Otomos power is to.. go into a video game? I don’t know where that story line is going but it seems a bit gimmicky so far, as if the show doesn’t know what to do with the character, Mikos interaction with her sort of friend Ren Shimosawa are fun but they should do more in the real world, we get a glimpse of that near the 2nd of the premiere and it was good.

Heroes Reborn has the luxury of updating the setting with more modern themes and not having to explain Evos origins which should prove some pretty different story telling, the powered people are again trying to find their place but in this time in a world where the public is well aware of them, hating them, worshipping them or hunting them, this dynamic is interesting I have to say but I’m wondering where the overall main story is really headed. The set up is there but I think the show needs to find a good reason to bring a few of the characters together, otherwise their separate stories don’t really make for compelling viewing outside of Jose, Luke and Joan Collins.

On the whole, the premiere has its flaws but it wasn’t terrible, some of the characters definitely need better stories imo as having characters with compelling arcs and dull arcs in the same show could make things a bit unbalanced but I hope things get better from here on out and we already started to see some more interesting characters show up by the 2nd episode so I’m curious to see how things pan out.


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