Prometheus review

Ridley Scott makes a return to the Alien universe but this time.. it’s not really related to Alien at all, as a group of space faring scientists are selected and tasked with a mission to explore a far off planets’ moon with the hopes of discovering the origins of life, though things don’t exactly go to plan to say the least. Prometheus is a big movie in scale, an ambitious stand alone story that I know is very polarizing but I’ve actually liked it more as time has passed.

First of all that cast, Prometheus has a brilliant cast, from Michael Fassbenders’ oscar worthy performance as the android David, to Noomi Rapace, Logan Marshall Green, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce, the performances in the film are great on the whole, while Fassbender really shines as David, delivering a very memorable performance, hardly showing a single emotion as the android in the whole runtime. Rapace is also great and sort of is the new Ripley, staying optimistic and driven despite the things situations she goes through, she’s definitely a star of the film and ends up being more important than you think she will be. The plot has more of a standard setup like Alien did for at the least the first half or so of the plot and it still works well, establishing the characters, their personalities, their mission and the setting but the tone changes progressively.

The change in tone from an exploration type film to out and out horror may feel a bit jarring if you’re watching it for the first time, but the plot itself is pretty gripping and has a few twists I didn’t see coming at all. I like that Prometheus kept me guessing as a viewer and wasn’t really predictable in the 2nd half at least, you could guess what would be become of Fyfield and Milburn for example but other things did come as a surprise and while they do act a bit stupidly, I’d also argue that natural human curiosity is in part to blame for their actions.

Also finally seeing the engineers and their reaction to the crew – again a surprise, the film a few several left turns and for me that made it quite thrilling, the music was also a big part of the film and played an effective role in building and maintaining tension. And the visuals in the film are stunning, the moon that makes up the setting for Prometheus looks and feels Alien from the wild dust storms to the inside of the engineers’ ship, everything jumps out from the screen and looks vivid, easily being one of the best looking sci-fi films I’ve ever seen. I also really like the imagination and ambition of the story, which doesn’t hold back from asking big questions but still crafts an engaging plot around them with some tense scenes and unpredictable plot turns.

Ultimately while being divisive and not what some longtime Alien fans wanted, I think Prometheus stands on its’ own two feet as an engaging story with some good horror elements, some questions are answered and some raised and not everything gets addressed but the film ends on an interesting note leaving room for sequels and expansion. It’s important to maintain a sense of mystery and intrigue in films and if the film was completely open and shut leaving no room for expansion, it would have been worse in my opinion. I like that we don’t know everything and still have more of the Alien universe to explore, where do the engineers come from? How do they make the black goo? Just a few interesting questions left to be addressed that allows for interesting storytelling in future.


. Fantastic visuals, very well shot

. Great cast with some brilliant performances

. Interesting look at the universe of Alien with exploration of some completely new ideas


11 thoughts on “Prometheus review

  1. I thought David showed remarkable emotions & reactions: excitement, curiosity, hurt feelings, offense, agitation, surprise, disappointment, being impressed or devious, etc – he was just so understated about it that they could easily be overlooked. Fantastic way for an android with an IQ close to 300 to be – imo.

    It is a thoroughly brilliant film. 😀


    • That’s actually a great point, he did show intrigue and curiosity and bringing it back to Fassbenders performance, he was great at conveying that in an understated way to hide his intentions.

      I really like the scale of it as well, really cool design for the Prometheus and in the engineers ship.

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      • Thanks. David alone adds several questions to the narrative.

        • Did he think engineers were immortal necessitating his conclusion they were ‘mortal after all’?
        • Why exactly did he cut the visual feed to Vickers when he got to the engineer’s console?
        • Knowing the engineers’ language, did he anger the engineer to be free of Weyland?

        The list really does go on – one of my favorite parts of the film. 😀


      • Yeah I always wondered about the visual feed and the goo in the drink, he said he just wanted to see what would happen but I dunno about that. Questions we’ll maybe(probably not) get answers to in a sequel.

        I know you’re a big fan so where would you rank Prometheus among all the Alien films?

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  2. I’m pretty sure the goo in the drink was a direct result of Weyland telling him to ‘try harder’. That is, if there were no living engineers to speak with, David should utilize their technology and possibly reverse engineer some solution to prevent Weyland’s death.

    Ranking is usually third, but temporarily jumps to second when I discover a new Prometheus nugget. 😀

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  3. I think the worse aspect of the whole film was the link with the Alien franchise. It was trying to do too much and just needed to focus on the architect idea which itself is strong enough to introduce a new sci-fi franchise.


    • I agree on the idea of the story of the engineers being interesting enough for its own spin off but at the same time I’d love to see how it all ties back to Alien.

      It’s like unwravelling a cool mystery but I’m wondering where the next Prometheus films will go, it seems like Ridley might take his time getting us back to Alien.


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