Looper review

Looper is a mind bending time travelling sci-fi action film directed by Rian Johnson, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo, Jeff Daniels, in 2074 time travel has been invented, mob gangsters use it to send people back to the past to Loopers – assassins that get rid of them and erase them from history. However things get complicated for Joe when he meets himself, literally.

Looper is brilliant sci-fi, fantastically imaginative, the plot twists and turns and goes in interesting directions from the base premise and looking back on it, it is a great time travel film, the story works by being accessible and not overly complicated, even despite the central plot device of time travel. Looper works as a well told open and closed story, avoiding confusing time travel conditions and complications, the story is brought to life with some great performances, and Joseph Gordon Levitt at his usual high level as Joe and Bruce Willis, who’s also pretty good in the film. Emily Blunt Sara is great and delivers one of her best performances to date, bringing an interesting angle to the story with her son Cid who get caught up with young Joe, she’s great in the more emotional scenes and has some great chemistry with Levitt, being more than just a love interest for him as well.

Joseph Gordon Levitt especially really delivers in the film, even physically looking different to emulate a younger Bruce Willis, he really envelopes the role and plays it with great dedication and as a character, he’s someone to root for, changing over the course of the film and developing as a person. The plot has some great action as well with the use of futuristic weaponry/technology used by the loopers themselves as well as Joe, fight scenes are tense and frenetic, as are the chase scenes and the plot goes in quite a few exciting directions. Central to this is Joe, forced to confront the idea of himself from the future, literally, wonder why he was sent back and intricately make decisions so as not to try and mess up his own timeline, whilst being on the run from the loopers all the while. There’s a very hero against the odds type structure to the film and that provides some thrilling storytelling, with Levitt doing quite well in an action oriented role that’s also interestingly contemplative in relation to ideas like destiny and fate.

Looper is a time travel film with a difference, time travel is used for a very different reason, not for the characters to go back to the past and change things or to change the world as it is drastically with certain actions, the story takes place in both future and present but brings an interesting present focused story without a tonne of time travel either way. There’s some great use of special effets n the film in a few scenes and on the whole visually, Looper definitely stands out while Cid and his story arc presents yet another twist and interesting plot direction for a film with an already great, engaging story. And with a conclusion that’s satisfying in a coherent way, lastly I would love to see a sequel if possible, the film is a great standalone story.


. Great premise and engaging story

. Has some very good performances

. Some parts of the film may be a bit confusing


5 thoughts on “Looper review

  1. This ending, even though it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt, makes me think of Bruce Willis watching his older self in 12 Monkeys.

    Solid review. 😀


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