Minority Report review

Minority Report is a sci-fi thriller based on a short story by Phillip K Dick, Spielberg brings it to the big screen in a story about a futuristic world with nearly no crime whatsoever, due to the existence of pre-crime, a system used by the police to seek out and arrest criminals before they commit crimes, however an officer working with the system is accused of committing a future murder and has to deal with the circumstances. The film stars Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton.

The world of Minority Report is that of some excellently thought out sci-fi, it’s definitely a thinker with themes of destiny and fate but that doesn’t stop it from being a great thrill ride with some great action, Tom Cruise pulls off a great performance as John Anderton, a law abiding cop who simply wants to do what is right but is forced to go against the system he once trusted in. There are also a few twists and turns as things go along and another sub-plot involving Johns kid and we see that there’s more to the character, this is one of the great things about the plot – the characters, with some surprising amount of depth to quite a few of them, the ones you think are in the wrong might not be and vice versa.

But what the plot does well is juggle these characters, giving them interesting arcs while balancing the main plot an sub-plots well, it’s an engaging and emotionally driven watch as events make you question the whole idea of pre-crime itself as John does, you feel like you’re really in the story and Tom Cruise makes for a great every man type hero and is of course one of the most iconic action stars to date. The emotional moments work well with a good cast and some great performances, while the action is frenetic, tense and great to watch with the futuristic technology on display from the guns used to the hovercraft, you really understand just how efficient and effective the cops in this world are and that just adds to the tension when the main, likeable John Anderton is on the run from them.

And the set pieces in the film – also great, there is a lingering sense of tension in a few of them and they’re quite creative as well, this being a future setting you don’t get just car chases for example but a variety of different scenarios which play out an interesting way. Minority Report is a great piece of science fiction, both thoughtful, fun and very engaging, the plot twists and turns and builds to a great, satisfying final act.


. Interesting, complex set of characters

. Great set pieces

. Engaging, thrilling plot


4 thoughts on “Minority Report review

    • Of course lol and nice, it definitely does have some great lines in it. The film has been in my mind more recently because of the TV show that just came out and yeah, it’s not great.

      Film still is though.

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