Top 5 film spaceships

What’s a good space faring hero or team without a good ship, there have been several iconic ships in various films over the years, some which have come to be icons of their respective stories and here are my top 5 and it was actually pretty hard to put together just 5.

The X-Wing (Star Wars original trilogy, Star Wars The Force Awakens)

With an iconic and great look with its four wings as well as being a capable fighter, the choice vehicle of look Skywalker and for good reason, it’s wonderful imagination from the mind of George Lucas and brings a some soul and style to the rebel feet.

Millenium Falcon (Star Wars original trilogy, Star Wars The Force Awakens)

Probably a lot of Star Wars fans favourite ship from the series, the Falcon is iconic with its unique look and capabilities, faster than any fighter or smuggler ship and carrying the weight of the iconic brand along with it, it’s become a staple of the series and hearkens back to memories of the original trilogy and Han Solo along with it. With its shape it doesn’t quite look like any other space ship and that’s a great thing about it.

The Nostromo (Alien)

The memorable location for Alien, the colossal freighter the Nostromo is an important sci-fi staple with its retro-futuristic elaborate internal design which is claustrophobic and cramped, helping to serve the films plot, Alien couldn’t have been as great as it was without the ship though and it played a big role in events. And with some nuanced design, the Nostromos look itself stands out and re-imagines what you think a space ship could possibly look like with its odd shape and structure.

The Serenity (Serenity)

With great design, a literal home to its crew and a base of operations of sorts for them, The Serenity has seen many adventures and keeps on trucking, never quite out of the action as it’s very durable and a fast flyer, it also has some great interior design as well.

Starship Enterprise (Star Trek series)

One of the most iconic ships in sci-fi without a doubt with its stand out look and the ship being so central to so many story lines and the crew of the enterprise itself, they need the ship and it needs them in a beautiful, cosmic symbiosis.

Notable mentions

  • The Discovery One (2001: A Space Odyssey), Tie Fighter, Star Destroyer (Star Wars), Galactica (Battlestar Galactica), The Prometheus (Prometheus), Borg Cube (Star Trek), Mothership (Close Encounters of The Third Kind).

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