The Flash season 2 premiere ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’ review

(Spoilers if you haven’t seen it)

So The Flash kicked off its 2nd season following the events of season 1s finale, taking place 6 months after Barry saves central city from the singularity, though the wormholes effects are still a big figure for the new season along with the multi-verse and different versions of characters from The Flash universe, we already know Jay Garrick (the original Flash) is on the way but we get a look at how things are now, post singularity.

The Flash is revered in Central City after saving it, with a city led ‘Flash Day’ to celebrate him but Barry has opted to now work alone, believing his past set up was too dangerous, Caitlyn’s now working at Mercury labs and Cisco’s now working with Joe at Central City police and things are clearly different with no actual Team Flash working at the particle accelerator, which was one of the most fun things about season 1.

We get to see the events that took place after the singularity opened as well and how The Flash and Firestorm dealt with it, finding out that Firestorm deciding to energetically split leads to Ronnie being killed, part of why Caitlyn felt the need to move on from Star labs. Losing Ronnie (Robbie Amell) from the show is a bit of a shame but Martin’s a great character and Victor Garber’s a joy to watch as he plays him. Also I like the idea of The Flash being more of a publicly recognized hero and someone everyone looks up to in the city, it gives the character a more traditional superhero comic book feel to him and it feels logical after the events of season 1.

Al Rothstein or Atom Smasher now makes an appearance, a new meta-human who has super strength and can change the size of his body at will, though it does beg the question, are meta-humans still being made? From residual effects from the singularity or did characters already get through the wormhole before it got closed?

We get a new temporary Team Flash now with Martin Stein and Iris along with Joe as they try to work on stopping Atom Smasher and the fun team dynamic makes it return, the writing is again fun and character interactions are a highlight, especially now with the scientifically minded Cisco and Martin who have a penchant for thinking up nicknames. The fights between Atom Smasher and Flash show how much Flash needs to work with others to really thrive, his abilities are great and he’s clever but he can’t do it on his own as Joe makes the point to Barry after he gets injured. Eobard Thawne is back, well sort of, we find that he’s recorded a message for Barry, confessing to murdering Barrys mother and acquitting his father, a pretty nice thing to do all things considered.

And as Barry faces off one last time with Atom Smasher and defeats him with some help, we learn why Smasher was going after The Flash – Professor Zoom, this seasons big bad is around and promised to take Atom Smasher ‘back’, to his own reality? And with Henry being released finally, we get a nice emotional send off to the premiere, though he’s not planning on sticking around Barry or the city and his explanations why do make sense sort of. And to top it all off, who makes an appearance just before the credits roll, Jay Garrick of course, who warns everyone their world is in danger, implying worlds have already been mixed together and that Garrick isn’t from the world we’ve come to know in the show.

Overall season 2 premiered strong with interesting directions following season 1, new villains and potential characters with the existence of the singularity is an exciting prospect for episodes to come and Barry himself has been going through some interesting character development just in the premiere alone, there were some well done emotional moments as well, important in driving Barry forward and seeing team Flash get back together was awesome. And with a lot more characters to come including Zoom, season 2 should be just as if not more thrilling than the first season.


4 thoughts on “The Flash season 2 premiere ‘The Man Who Saved Central City’ review

  1. It was a pretty awesome premiere, I can’t believe they killed Ronnie, again, I feel like he might be back though. It might just be me but did you get a shifty vibe from Barry’s Dad when he said he was leaving, I feel like there’s more to that.


    • Yeah it started off strong just like season 1 did, I have a feeling they’ll bring Ronnie back in some way because of the whole multi-verse thing and cos Robbie Amell’s great as him.

      And that did feel a bit out of the blue, imagine if he’s Zoom lol, but that’s a bit too far fetched. It was cool seeing Jay Garrick as well.

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