Daredevil season 2 teaser

So we have our first look at Daredevil and its upcoming 2nd season due to air next year, bigger and badder with some new prominent characters including Elektra and Frank Castle aka The Punisher played by Jon Bernthal, we also get a look at Daredevils more traditional red outfit which he’ll be wearing next season.

It seems like season 2 will sort of be Daredevil vs the Punisher, while Daredevil continues getting used to fighting crime, pitting the two characters with drastically different ideals and styles against each other as Daredevil never kills and always wants to save lives and the Punisher freely kills, though he targets criminals. The dynamic should be pretty interesting because the Punisher isn’t a villain either, working more as an anti-hero so seeing how Matt takes him on should be fun, while Elektra also comes into the fray.

Marvel is making some great progress on the TV scene at present with Agents of Shiled and its Netflix shows and Daredevil season 2 looks to be upping the ante, we’ll have to see how the show handles The Punisher but with a wealth of experience and a knack for playing more nasty characters, I think Jon Bernthal will fit right into the role.


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