‘Fast 8’ film news

The up and coming ‘Furious 8‘ (that will probaby be the title I suppose) is in the works and set for an April 2017 release, now with a confirmed director in F Gary Gray – who just directed the recent hit Straight Outta Compton, Diesel apparently wanted James Wan at the helm but he couldn’t due to scheduling issues as he’s busy working on The Conjuring 2, right now also Fast 8 will be set in New York according to Vin Diesel.

Keeping with the trend for a new major city to be the location for each new fast film and with an urban, densely populated city like New York, we could be in for a fair amount of gritty street racing. You also have to wonder how the new film can possibly raise the stakes and top an action sequence with a tank.. driving cars out of a plane or a skyscraper but I’m sure Diesel and Co will come up with something.

Anyway we know we’re in for new setting with some new cars I’m sure and most of Torettos family/the main cast returning in the first of three Fast films on the way that should wrap up the entire franchise and yes, these are set to be the last 3 films, sad news for Fast fans out there but we should be in for 3 more thrilling rides, at least before someone comes up with an idea for prequels and spin offs for characters in the films because Hollywood.

But for the time being we can speculate on the plots and wacky ideas to come.


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