4 reasons why Suicide Squad could be a breath of fresh air

DCs upcoming Suicide Squad is assembled and ready to go, with the film slated for an August 2016 release but in the long build up to its release, I wanted to talk about it for a bit and unpack why I think the film will be a nice new addition to an already packed comic book film slate, with over 6 comic book films set to come out in 2016 alone, we may start to see the term ‘superhero movie fatigue’ banded around quite a bit more in the next coming months.

Here are my thoughts.

It’s not a superhero film

A criticism leveled at Marvel and their formula is that it’s too formulaic with the same sort of structure, third act and weak, predictable villains in their films, while critics would say DC aims to buck the trend and make distinct feeling films that play out differently and feel different from each other

I think Suicide Squad will be a breath of fresh air because of the set up, people aren’t tired of superhero films completely as Age of Ultron and Ant Man box office returns show but I do think audiences want to see different types of comic book films that stray from the norm. Deadpool has a lot of people hyped, Guardians Of The Galaxy was a hit with its different style and people love watching something different, something they’ve never seen before in film and a story based on the Suicide Squad is an excellent choice. With it being set up to be even more alternative than a lot of comic book films preceding it, we won’t be following heroes trying to save the world or a city but a bunch of mercenary misfits tasked with impossible seeming missions.

Audiences will readily take in nuanced stories if they’re well done, so the film has all the chance to be a success, in part because it’s taking a risk and because it’s not the norm.

Characters with depth

Alright so not everyone in the squad will get flashbacks or get that fleshed out but it seems like we will see the pasts of at least Enchantress, Deadshot and Harley Quinn which is not bad honestly, Deadshot is one of the more interesting character for me and I’m curious to see how characters who are out for their own freedom, working for Amanda Waller but still not good react to each other and varying situations. Will they all happily kill on mission? Do they care for each other? Will they just leave each other behind if the going gets tough? Questions like these speak to interesting characterization in watching a team of characters with varying backstories, personalities and motivations, characters that are drawn together who couldn’t be more different from each other and that dynamic alone should be great to watch.

The Joker brings that little extra 

The team as itself teaming up with varying personalities, abilities and pasts to go on crazy missions is an interesting enough set up but the Joker brings a whole other aspect to the plot in his own schemes and plans and if my idea of theory of the plot is right and the team is essentially tracking or hunting the Joker down then one – that’s awesome and two, The Joker brings an added, manic element to the story. Imagining the team trying to first of all not kill each other and somehow work in harmony, then possibly have to take down the Joker who has an ally in Harley Quinn – already on the team should play out pretty interestingly. Plus with the Joker, you invariably get Batman and it’s confirmed he’ll play a (small?) role in the film, I’m intrigued by Jared Letos look so far and I think he’ll do a stellar job.

Room for gritty, darker storytelling 

It’s a DC film so I’m kinda obligated to use the word gritty in describing it, I think… but yeah a film of this style allows for some alternative storytelling to say the least and from the look of the trailer, we’ll be seeing some pretty dark portrayals of amoral characters, a grimy looking Enchantress who seems to have some internal issues, along with Harley Quinn of course with her own iconic psyche. Suicide Squad can also tell a more dark, impactful story with its 18 rating and probably won’t hold back on bloody, more hard hitting scenes which I’m sure some DC fans and comic book fans in general with love in a story that gets stuck in with the more gritty stuff.


One thought on “4 reasons why Suicide Squad could be a breath of fresh air

  1. Al these are great points and fantastic reasons as to why I’m so excited for this movie. It actually tops Batman vs Superman for the film I’m most excited for next year too.


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