Star Wars the force awakens official trailer

So the 2nd and hotly anticipated trailer for The Force Awakens dropped and has the internet and Star Wars fans abuzz so let’s go over some things featured, first off Finn is, well was a stormtrooper and we see his tie fighter, part destroyed and hurtling towards Jakku, so he did end up crashing there for some reason. Finn seems disillusioned as a trooper and doesn’t believe in the cause so he seems to abandon ship, a pretty interesting theme touched on here and I like the idea of anyone potentially being force sensitive, maybe if they want to do good.

Also we see Kylo Ren onboard what appears to be the new Starkiller station and hear him talking with his robotic voice, theories have been around to what his mission is and whether he was the person looking at the Vader helmet and yes, it’s him, he definitely seems to revere Vader and wants to carry on what he saw as his mission, “Nothing will stand in our way, I will finish what you started” he says. I really dig the whole idea of followers in a different generation carrying on ideals and themes from the past with a new slant, it feels believable and has totally happens in real life to boot, people come and go but ideas never really die.

We see devastation on a planet that looks to be getting part destroyed (by the new Starkiller maybe, a sort of new Death Star for the film). The Millenium Falcon plays its part as well, on the run from tie fighters on Jakku. And Finn and Rey talk to Han, aboard the Falcon – I’m still leaning to thinking Rey is his daughter but we’ll have to wait and see, the new hyper space effects are also present and look really good. Something interesting is at 1:23 — we see Kylo Ren and other black clad people who I think are some of the knights of Ren – the order that Kylo Ren hails from, a sort of medieval like following that might possibly worship the Sith.

Near a planets surface, we see X-Wings and Tie fighters engaging in atmosphere, something different for the franchise and both ships have new looks, which is pretty neat as Finn, now with the rebels seems to wonder what to do. It looks like Han, Finn, Rey and Chewie will be going on adventures this time around and Leia doesn’t seem to be with them, nor does Luke who is rumoured to have a smaller role and may act as a sort of hermit and force sage, in the way Obi-Wan Kenobi did in the original trilogy but here’s hoping Luke does stay alive for the new films.

We do see Han and Leia though, so that’s a good thing – again not with Rey, so if she is their daughter, the Abrams and Disney are doing a great job of hiding that. Near the end, we see Finn stand up against Kylo Ren in a forest and he looks a bit out of his depth so I’m guessing he hasn’t had a tonne of training yet, Kylo Ren seems a lot more experienced and it makes sense, to have the first film in the trilogy, like A New Hope, centred on a force sensitive individual train up in the ways of the Jedi and grow into it.

Who exactly trains up Finn and shows him how to become a Jedi though? It has to be Luke, of course, so we’ll be seeing how that plays out and I wonder how and where Rey and possibly Finn meet with Luke.

The effects really do look incredible, of course possible with the latest technology but even the prequels special effects scenes looked pretty great at times, especially in Revenge of The Sith, so I can’t wait to see how The Force Awakens looks on the big screen, the film on the whole looks fantastic with a nice, shiny new look to it along with some returning favourite characters. And it’s going to be a lot of fun, that’s for sure.

Talking points

. Vader lives… in memory, I doubt we’ll be seeing him at any point in the flesh though, as it would take away from Kylo Rens mission a bit, if he’s trying to continue what Vader did

. Seriously, is Rey the daughter of Han and Leia?

. Where is Luke exactly, has he given up his adventuring?

. Are the Knights of Ren working with the First Order? Or do they have their own agenda as a movement of people who align to the dark side?


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