Jessica Jones official trailer

The official trailer for Marvels latest TV show – Jessica Jones is out and it’s set to be pretty dark, sort of following in the tone that Daredevil set up, Luke Cage (Mike Colter) will play a fairly important part in the series as we see, as a friend and confidante to Jessica, who will be going through a few things as we can see. Jessica tries to get her life back on track working as a private investigator and it looks like he work brings her in a round about way to finding out the Purple Man is after her.

Marvel really seems to be embracing the idea of more gritty story telling and drama in their TV landscape and it’s pretty welcome, the tone is vastly different from the MCU but I like the change, the teasers we saw before did tease Jessicas reckless behaviour and lack of morals which was funny – but there was barely a humurous moment in the whole trailer.

We also see the Purple Man finally (David Tennant), a character from Marvel that can directly influence and control people, often to some pretty bad effect – a big nemesis of Jessica from this season, who seems to have had influence over and a relationship with her in the past in the shows universe, the Purples man powers are pretty broad in terms of what he can make people and how that can really be a pain in a heroes side but especially Jessica.

She’s not a hero anymore and seems to be coerced into helping people, to fight against the Purple man. We also see Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) who’ll play a close friend to Jessica and we get a snippet of Jeryn Ann-Hogarth played by Carrie-Ann Moss.

Overall the show looks intriguing and I think the casting is pretty great, I wonder if Marvel fans will embrace the continued darker tone in Marvels netflix shows, though everyone seemed to love Daredevil. Jessica Jones is something very different even still, not being about a character turning into a superhero, facing an interesting character – who has powers and is also David Tennant, so yeah that’s pretty neat. Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix on the 20th of November.


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