The Crazies review

Breck Eisner directs mystery horror film, The Crazies as people in a town in Iowa go insane after their water supply gets contaminated and get driven to kill each other, as un-infected people try to survive, the film stars Radha Mitchell, Timothy Olyphant, Danielle Panabaker.

With The Crazies, what you see is what you get and there isn’t really much else to it but that being said, it’s still a fairly decent ride, the set up definitely feels like a zombie survival film but it’s not quite that type of story as the named crazies – people infected are driven to just kill each other for seemingly no reason. The central mystery element to the plot is there also in wondering why people are changed, what the infection is and how it can possibly be stopped, this in part drives some characters motivation as they try to survive and make their way across and out of town, we follow David (Timothy Olyphant) and Judy (Radha Mitchell) in their struggle as they come across people and have to sort of improvise.

The film doesn’t hold back with some rather gruesome and gory effects and deaths as people just go all out on each other, stumbling around like zombies (but still not being zombies), some scenes are admittedly borderline humourous in the way people try to kill each other and also because the crazies are really slow moving but the humour is unintentional. And for the most part. Seeing the normal people try to escape from the crazies is tense and gripping. This is because the un-infected people are outnumbered by the crazies and find themselves in rather tricky situations, some of which do seem pretty inescapable, so its interesting seeing how characters try and get themselves out and alive. And some situations are made more tense because of the settings they take place in, with characters making use of items around them and the crazies themselves using certain items to try and kill people with.

The dramatic, emotional moments are also worked in quite well with decent performances overall and good ones from Mitchell and Olyphant as they try and survive, you can sympathize with the characters, imagining how terrified and confused they must be in a town now gone crazy because of the virus. The Crazies is a pretty simple set up and plays out fairly basically but it’s a decent enough watch, predictable in parts and gruesome in others, it’s nothing revolutionary but it’s also not terrible either.


. Pretty standard plot

. Plot does get a bit better as it gets more elaborate

. Has some decent performances


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