4 things in the film industry that can’t be explained

So yeah, I’ve thought to myself about a few mysterious things present in the film industry, things that are prevalent, some not as prevalent and all pretty unexplainable, here they are.

Leonardo DiCaprios best actor Oscar absence

A pretty obvious choice, the notorious DiCaprio curse or let’s just call it what it is, history of snubs with DiCaprio, one of the best working actors today still hasn’t won a best actor Oscar and it’s a modern day travesty and with him not winning for his performance in The Wolf Of Wall Street or Catch Me If You Can or The Aviator, I’m not sure what other type of role can finally get him the award but I hope the trend gets broken and soon. Admittedly DiCaprio has gone up against strong performances in recent dramas over the years but he has a pretty great back catalogue of performances to date and he really should get at least one Oscar to compliment his other 34 award wins, yes 34 awards and not one Oscar, a true modern day travesty in the film industry.

Why Found footage films haven’t died out

This one is a bit more… inexplicable for me as a genre pretty dead in the water that hasn’t seen a good film in the sub genre in 3 years (Chronicle) is still churning out films, though to a much lesser degree as of 2015 than in recent years, still though I don’t really get why anyone wants to make films like this anymore, they almost never do well commercially and almost always get panned. No one really seems to like or actively ask for them and that style of film is often seen as a gimmick.

Especially if they’re found footage horror films, that tag alone carries a weight of low expectation and with recent films like The Gallows and to be honest audiences have no reason to expect anything different, this isn’t to say all films in the category are bad (Rec 1 is great, as are Chronicle and Cloverfield). But as of right now, I feel that it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a decent entry in the found footage sub-genre and it’s a type of film I woudn’t be too cut up about if just faded away quietly.

Tom Hardys varying film accents 

Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor with several great, memorable performances.. and accents under his belt but why he keeps changing them is a bit bizarre, of course he does them to suit the roles he’s given but still, totally un-explainable but also a sort of trademark for Hardy now to varying effect. And whether you like him or not as an actor, he’ll probably have a different accent in his next film role because I guess that’s just a thing for him now.

Why Fox won’t let go of the rights to the Fantastic Four 

For all intents and purposes, it’s illogical for Fox to hold onto the Fantastic Four film rights as they’re now seen as a toxic property and pretty much everyone, including the guy that directed the latest FF film thinks Fox can’t do the IP justice and unless Fox is simply holding the rights to spite Marvel and lose money in making more films – which no sane film studio would want to do of course. There just isn’t any real reason why Fox is holding the rights, it’s baffling, perplexing and a bit and much like the entirety of Cosmopolis, I don’t get it and neither do you, no one does really apart from Fox but even then I think they don’t really know why they’re holding the rights either.

I can’t imagine Fox likes losing money so we’ll see what becomes of the Fantastic Four in the next few years and if Fox remains determined to keep making films.


5 thoughts on “4 things in the film industry that can’t be explained

  1. The FF one is easy. They’re so bloody cheap and you can experiment with so many different ideas and when you score you’re gonna score monstrously.

    Anymore, I think of FF as the “Audition Genre” for cast & crew alike – a real easy way to get out there and hopefully get noticed. (Just my two cents.) 😀


    • Yeah I get what you mean and to be fair Fox first two FF films did decently at the box office but I just think there’s too much bad blood now, people dislike the fact that Fox has the rights and will go into every new film expecting them to suck.

      That’s not to say Fox can never make a good FF film but I think Marvel could do it with relative ease.

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      • It’s unlikely that Fox could, at this point, make a decent FF movie since they’ll probably gauge off the first two lackluster entries for input and go in a different, but equally unimpressive, direction.

        Like a student getting an answer wrong and getting their second guess wrong as well. They clearly don’t know what they’re doing, so their third guess has little chance of being correct.

        And we will have paid the price for it thrice over. 😦

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      • Yep pretty much agree on that, they just can’t quite capture the right tone despite having the big budgets and being able to get big names for them.

        I think it’s gotten to the point where they could release a decent FF film and it would still get panned just because they did it and there’s bad sentiment around Fox holding the rights (just give them to Marvel!).

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  2. I agree with all of these but the answer to everyone of them (except maybe the Di Caprio and Hardy one) is money! That’s the only reason studios do anything anymore…


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