Top 5 MCU villains

Marvel gets a bad wrap with its villains being rather weak and predictable but to be fair some of them are quite distinct characters and a few of them are classic comic book villains, who just haven’t gotten the best material on film but that being said, here are my top 5 of villains in the MCU.


1. Loki

Undoubtedly the best villain in the MCU to date, Loki is complex, borderline likeable and actually charismatic as well, there’s more to him than just destroying the world and importantly that makes him interesting, though as a villain he’s also more than capable, cunning and can play people against each other – something any villain should consider when going against multiple Marvel heroes. Played fantastically by Tom Hiddlestone, we really need to see more of him and will in Thor Ragnarok thankfully.


2. Ultron

Ulltron is a great Marvel character and disappointingly didn’t get the best treatment in Age of Ultron, reduced to a wise cracking villain who doesn’t stick around for long enough I feel, he’s super intelligent, can re-build, upgrade and multiply himself and can inhabit any computer anywhere so yeah he’s a pretty formidable foe. Though you might not think that watching the film, that being said, base on what he can do, despite his film role somewhat hampering him to bouts of comic relief, he is one of Marvels better villains and devised a fairly smart world ending plan, as evil villains do.


3. Red Skull

Red Skull has kinda been left to the side and not seen since Captain America: The First Avenger but he is a great, classic villain and arch-nemesis to Captain America with his narrow minded ideals and single minded approach to essentially rule the world. He’s interesting just because he’s so uncomprisingly bad and also because of his appearance I suppose, giving the US forces and Captain America a run for their money in the first Captain America film, making Cap take drastic action to foil his plan. Red Skull’s an active villain in the modern day in the comics and in several Marvel TV shows but we’re yet to see him in another film and hopefully we will sometime soon.


4. Ronan The Accuser 

Ronan is a single minded Kree with aims of dominating others with his powers and though he’s rather unremarkable in his personality and motivations, he’s formidable with the power gem and his aims to usurp Thanos, while misguided were an interesting take on things. The Kree are an interesting and important race in the wider Marvel universe and seeing Ronan was cool, though he definitely could have been given a more dynamic personality to rival the Guardians in Guardians of The Galaxy, though rivalling someone like Peter Quill in personality is something pretty nigh on impossible.


5. Yellowjacket 

Darren Cross is… kinda evil, portrayed well by Corey Stoll in Ant Man, he’s sort of the anti-Ant Man, using his powers and shrinking tech for bad, though he’s a bit of a one note villain, you can almost understand why he does what he does. One of the more grounded Marvel villains as he’s just a normal person with access to technology that makes him more formidable, Yellowjacket isn’t exactly the most menacing guy but I have to say I do like the colour scheme on that suit.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 MCU villains

  1. You forget one great one which is usually overlooked – Hydra! It doesn’t matter if Hydra is presented by the red Skull, Alexander Pierce, Garret, Whitehall or Grant Ward, it is always a formidable enemy.


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