Top 5 film Fantasy Worlds

Fantasy is a great genre, in which the imagination can run wild and you can see wonderful, fantastical powers, creatures and things that take place in very creatively designed and iconic worlds that often tend to stay in your memory for one reason or another, here are some of my favourite picks in no particular order.

Middle Earth Lord Of The Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy

Middle Earth is a vividly imagined and awesome designed fantasy world with various races creatures, monsters and magic galore, the quintessential fantasy world and it’s also of course the setting to a great story, Middle Earths scope is vast, so much so that it’s not entirely covered through the films and in general it’s just a really interesting creation from the mind of Tolkien. With the various locales making for some spectacular backdrops as well as being pivotal places for points and a lot of action in the story.Interestingly Middle Earth also looks an awful lot like New Zealand, I wonder why…

Narnia – The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy

The world of Narnia is a vivid, bright and colourful place full of a vast array of creatures, people and various other beings, full of magic, talking animals and the like, it’s very much a childrens fantasy world but a well imagined one nonetheless with a neat pairing of humans and talking animals (of course) in what I feel is a rather unique way. Also the various creatures featured are pretty distinct and make for a colourful cast of characters for the books and films.

Oz – The Wizard of Oz, Oz The Great And Powerful

A land full of weird and wonderful creatures, people, tin men and scarecrows, Oz is vibrant and colourful and really feels like a rather joyful place, despite the wicked witches and evil flying monkeys, almost everything and everyone there just seems really, really happy so it must be great, plus the place has some stellar brick road layers.

Wonderland – Alice In Wonderland

Wonderland, a creatively designed fantasy world from the mind of Lewis Caroll, full of trippy characters and a rather bizarre political system with people that are also cards… it’s weird but also just really different, it’s totally something you might conjure up in your mind if you were on something but nevertheless, Wonderland is a fantastical world that feels distinct to other worlds even on this list with its wacky characters, design and vibe.

The Wizarding world – Harry Potter series

Of course things would be amiss on a list like this without Harry Potter, a world in which magical powers that can do just about anything, good or evil sounds pretty awesome to me, though things may get a bit complicated when you run into death eaters or dark lords. The world of Harry Potter is a brilliantly crafted world with interesting and complex lore from its history, to rules on magic to its colorful array of creatures and characters that populate it, all in all it seems li a pretty fun place to be in and or go to, if you’re not a muggle anyway.

Honourable mentions:

  • The Labyrinth (Labyrinth), Underground Realm (Pans Labyrinth), Jumanji (Jumanji), Fantasia (The Neverending Story), The land of Ever After (Shrek), Neverland (Peter Pan), World of Spirited Away (Spirited Away).

4 thoughts on “Top 5 film Fantasy Worlds

  1. Great article, Doc. Love your choices, including honorable mention Spirited Away. Reminds me that Princess Mononoke had a pretty fantastic world too… all Ghibli actually. I also love the magical word of Dark Crystal. The designs are amazing. Ever seen it?


    • Thanks and I did go with the obvious big choices but still (they’re the best imo), Princess Mononoke is a great shout as well and Ghibli in general is too.

      I did see the Dark Crystal a few weeks ago actually and the effort that must have gone into that is something, really interesting world/design.

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