Game of Thrones season 6 teaser

Alright so HBO just put out a Game of Thrones season 6 teaser and it’s… interesting, giving away almost nothing from season 6 as it lingers on some possibly important images of Jon Snow and on some key past events in the series so far – namely a lot of things that have happened to the Starks, (Red wedding, Neds death, Jon Snows death) and it ends with Bran warging. The teaser does seem quite Stark centric, though we saw some events outside of things related to Stark characters like Daenerys with her dragons and some white walkers.

Brans’ return is welcome though after his season 5  and I think he’s been a particularly underused character and I’m curious to see what happens with him now and with zombie re-animated Jon Snow of course (who will of course be coming back to life). And as we’re caught up and the show will now take its own route separate to the books story, I’m wondering if season 6 will be fairly Star centric and focus on their revenge and rise to prominence again? (a Stark fan can only hope).

There are still a unanswered questions in relation to a few cliffhangers we ended season 5 on and aside from the obvious one with Jon Snow, I wonder what will happen with Dany and the Dothraki horde and Sansa and Reek on the run. It’s interesting that we’re already getting a teaser already for season 6 from HBO, though I suppose they want to drum up interest again in the Jon Snow cliffhanger (though GOT is a show that never needs things to boost audience interest in it) and generally for season 6.

I’m intrigued about what’s to come though as we’ll be going in essentially blind with no book material out for episodes to be based on, so we should be in for an exciting and hopefully unpredictable season.


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