Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles 2 trailer #1

So we have our first look at the upcoming TMNT in this trailer, in the follow up to the pretty lukewarmly received TMNT film which mixed live action and CG a la Michael Bays Transformers films, to be honest I didn’t hate TMNT but it didn’t really do anything for me either.

Anyway moving onto the trailer, the turtles are back with their turtle van/bus thing this time and with their usual bantering and humorous interactions and also back is April O’Neill (Megan Fox) as the Turtles friend and human companion, alongside Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett) and new introduction and renegade fan favourite character Casey Jones who is played by Stephen Amell, a great casting choice if you ask me.

This new film feels decidedly more cartoony with the likes Tyler Perry in it playing a mad scientist, as well as full CGI bad guys from the old cartoon – Bebop and Rcoksteady, Shredder is also in the film again (somehow) but doesn’t seem to be the big bad this time around. But overall the film doesn’t look completely terrible I have to say, I will probably end up watching it, it definitely looks a bit better than the first film, at least.


4 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles 2 trailer #1

    • I think I knew it was on the way but it didn’t even register with me/must have slipped my mind, I wouldn’t have even thought about it if I didn’t hear people talking about this new trailer.


  1. I was expecting to hear Go Ninja by Vanilla… The sequel definitely got pumped out quick. Looks like some better side characters this time. Like you say, deffo looks campy. But could be kinda fun, like the last one (I admit with guilt n shame).


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