X-Men Apocalypse trailer #1

We finally, finally have some footage from X-Men Apocalypse to discuss and it looks… pretty spectacular if I must say so, as the X-Men face their biggest foe yet in the ancient mutant Apocalypse – played by Oscar Isaac who can do pretty much everything as far as powers/abilities go and who also has the power to influence and control others.

The trailer kicks off with a few quick cut action sequences and visions of apocalyptic scenes, as seen by a young Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) as she talks to Professor Xavier, could this be a sign of things to come perhaps? We then see and hear Apocalypse himself talking about.. himself and the many guises he has taken over the centuries, he’s been a religious and influential figure (in the X-Men universe at least) and has been well respected, also he clearly has quite an inflated view of himself.

Moira Mctaggert, Havok (awesome to have him back) and Xavier seem to be looking into the myths and rumours of Apocalypse as it seems the cult that worships him is expecting him to return. We also see the new Nightcrawler (Kodie Smit-Mcphee) and Jubilee as Apocalypse talks about how misguided everyone is apart from himself, also present is the young Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Magneto, who seems to be on the side of evil, once again, surprise surprise.

We hear Xavier and co talk about the four horsemen – the four followers that Apocalypse always has by his side when he aims to conquer and take over a place or you know, the world and in this case we already know he will use Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Storm, Magneto and archangel as his four horsemen and we see Magneto on his side, trying to take Charles away from the X-Men. There has been talk of Mystique having a big, central role in the film and it seems like it as she may take control in helping to battle Apocalypse, though she has sort of flipped flopped since First Class in regards to which side she’s on, it at least makes sense that she’d be against Magneto in Apocalypse after the events of Days of Future Past.

Mutants galore! We have archangel, Quicksilver, a new Cyclops and you know what, I’m pretty excited, everyone sort of laughed when we saw first images of Apocalypse in costume but he looks fairly menacing now and knowing what the character is capable of, it’s interesting to ponder how exactly the X-Men will beat him. Overall I quite like the trailer actually, it’s got some good action, the young mutants look great and Apocalypse looks decent, I really dig the idea of powerful mutants like Magneto himself being torn between sides and being controlled himself but possibly wanting to break free? And that shot right near the end, a bald James Mcavoy as Professor X, things feel like they’re coming full circle now and of course the glaring omission of Wolverine has to be addressed but who knows if he may make a special appearance at some point and in fact, I think he just might.

Anyway Apocalypse looks fairly epic in scope and I genuinely don’t really know how the X-Men will beat him in the film so I’m curious to see how things turn out, I was wondering when we would finally see the trailer for the film and I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it looks, can’t wait to see it.


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