Hopes and fears for the Force Awakens

The Force Awakens is out soon, really, really soon as in, next week in fact and it’s probably the most hyped Star Wars film that has ever existed with the advent of bringing the old cast, new young actors, better technology and a brand new story and of course I’m hugely excited for it but I also really, really don’t want it to suck and there is potential for that, as much as I don’t want to think about it. And as a fan, here are some things I hope the film is and isn’t.

I hope it isn’t:

Just a re-hash of A New Hope

The parallells are there and pretty plain to see, Rey, a possible Skywalker and girl living on a desert planet longs for something more and is attuned to the force though she doesn’t know it, she’ll meet Finn, Han and Chewie and go on an adventure and eventually fight against the (Empire) First Order and eventually taking on its super weapon, meeting Jedi along the way and becoming aware of the force. Cool premise but I’ve seen that already and so have you, A New Hope is excellent and probably my favourite Star Wars film but do we really want to just see a re-skin of it with better visuals and some new characters? I hope The Force Awakens brings in radically new story elements, characters and direction, maybe mis-direction in the case of Luke to throw us way off and give us an awesome viewing experience.

An homage to the original trilogy

The original trilogy is sacred, amazing and was a trail blazing blockbuster extravaganza that paved the way for the modern epic blockbuster as we know it and that’s great but the new trilogy should definitely not just be an homage to that and I trust JJ has the ambition and drive to take a franchise he loves into an awesome new direction without simply referencing back to the original films. It’s great to base the new films off of them but Episodes 7,8 and 9 should feel new, different and distinct from both the prequels and the original trilogy if only because they’re set in an entirely different time period, there will be new technology, maybe different, new races, new clans and factions and who knows what, anything can be added to this new continuity and that allows for a lot of creativity as far as making the films goes.

I hope it is:

An expansion on new ideas, lore and mythology for Star Wars 

As interesting as some of the ideas and lore of the prequels were, they didn’t really expand on a tonne of things, the now non-canon expanded universe did and it was awesome with various Jedi, Sith and all sorts of wacky stories but things like Dark Plaguis, possible other ancient Sith, the Knights of Ren are things that are interesting to me and things that are interesting in the world of Star Wars in general. And as classic and iconic as the ongoing war between the Rebels and the Empire has been, it’s never been the most compelling aspect of the franchise for me and I’ve always been more interested in the Jedi and Siths’ ancient struggle and both orders way of life, code and history.

The Force Awakens looks to be touching on expanded lore a bit more with the Knights of Ren and it seems there are factions out there that maybe worship and idolise Sith which is interesting, I’d also love to see more Mandalorians and potential new races as well as maybe some sort of coven for Jedi? Surely Luke can’t be the last one left in the film before Finn gets trained to be one.

Anyway these are just some of thoughts on the film and I am of course expecting good things, though we’ll see how things turn out very soon either way.


5 thoughts on “Hopes and fears for the Force Awakens

  1. Good article. While Awakens may feel like Hope, I feel like it’s just the hero myth like Joseph Campbell writes of, or Michael Chabon. Many adventures follow this arc of tropes. For me, the look and feel of trailers seems like we’re in great hands. I have a New Hope for this franchise.


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