Star Trek Beyond teaser trailer

We have our first look at the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, the 3rd film in the new Star Trek series, co-written by Simon Pegg and not directed by JJ Abrams as y’know, he was busy with a little thing called Star Wars The Force Awakens, this film is directed by Justin Lin.

The cast of the film returns as does the crew of the enterprise and they’re in a new, compromising situation as the crew appears to be separated and marooned on an alien planet with no means of escape and the signature humour of the films and feeling of adventure does again seem to be present but with a vastly different type of story from first glance.

Also interesting is the new white alien character who seems to be fairly integral to the story and may be an aid to Captain Kirk and the main characters, the film seems a fair bit more action oriented actually (though the first 2 films are ostensibly ‘action’ films, we seem to be in for a lot more ground based action rather than space based stuff. But in all in all it’s an intriguing teaser and I’m interested, it looks a fair bit different from the first 2 films and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but we’ll have to wait and see how the film does turn out as a whole.


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