Top 10…. worst films of 2015

It’s that time of year guys, the weather outside is frightful and the year’s drawing ever nearer to a close and this is my retrospective look back on 2015 and the disappointing films that came out in it, the worst ones in fact in my opinion  and here they are.

Fifty Shades of Grey – 3/10

What can be said about Fifty Shades of Grey, well it was fifty shades of terrible, adapted from an equally terrible, poorly written, tension-less and fluff novel, the material is just utterly un-appealing (I know I’m not the intended demographic but still), dull and is as shallow as the ideas that the film presents.

The Gallows – 3/10

The Gallows is just so, so bad, this is found footage at some of its worst with a paper thin plot, predictable plot points and a set up that just brings nothing whatsoever new to found footage or to horror, expect some truly horrible acting and clichés galore, avoid.

Fant4stic Four – 4/10

A film that had a decent first half but notoriously fell apart, just as Josh Tranks relationship with his studio fell apart, which was disappointing because the film actually looked alright but ended up being disappointing with some non-sensical plot points, a serious lack of character development and a clear mish-mash of tone that just didn’t really gel well. The ‘realistic’ gritty tone also just didn’t quite work with the Fantastic Four.

Minions – 4/10

Just… why? I’m a bit lost for words in relation to why this film exists and in relation to the popularity of the minion characters but yeah, I just don’t really see why they needed a film of their own or what exactly made them interesting to watch to some people, for a set of characters that mumble incoherently. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

San Andreas  – 5/10

San Andreas is just pretty bog standard, probably the most 5/10 film of 2015 with its plot, premise and just about everything about it and to be fair, it’s not a terrible film but still going by my rating, it easily gets in the top 10 worst films of the year. It’s a film you going into knowing what to expect and get those expectations met, but nothing more is brought to the table.

Poltergeist – 5/10

Poltergeist was.. just a shame really, for a remake of a fairly well liked horror film, it brought nothing new to the ideas and themes of the original and simply re-created scenes to little or no effect as the new CG effects just made things look a bit fake because they looked so digital and weightless importantly there wasn’t any tangible fear factor or real horror present and that killed the film for me.

Insidious Chapter 3 – 5/10

Insidious went out on a bit of a whimper, which was a shame because the franchise up until Chapter 3 was actually pretty decent, which is something especially for a popular horror series in this day and age, Chapter 3 was just utterly devoid of any actual scares and or nuance that Insidious brought, it did have some decent actors in it with Leigh Wannell especially but other than that, there wasn’t much else to it.

The Lazarus Effect  – 5/10

Great idea and set up, poor execution, I could apply that statement to so many films from 2015 I feel and The Lazarus Effect had some cool ideas, which devolved into pretty cliché horror territory disappointingly, with a decent cast to boot, they were mostly wasted on a paper thin plot that didn’t really go anywhere interest, after it’s interesting set up and first 1/3 or so.

Jupiter Ascending – 6/10

Interplanetary royalty and inexplicable affiliation with bees, yeah that was Jupiter Ascending, an ambitious and sweeping sci-fi film from the Wachowskis that sort of fell apart after a decent set up, the action scenes are a tad flashy and the ideas are cool but the depth to the plot and most of its characters was lacking.


The Gunman  – 6/10

Action thrillers have never been this dull with Sean Penn as a… gunman, going around shooting people and stuff, this was a bit of a sleeper, not a sleeper hit, just a sleeper with a pretty dull, by the numbers plot and Sean Penn surprisingly being in action role, it wasn’t terrible to be fair but it’s also no Kingsman or Mission Impossible which are masterpieces in action by comparison.


2 thoughts on “Top 10…. worst films of 2015

  1. Good list.. looks like you should avoid horror flicks in the future 😉 I also thought F4 was setup well, then fell apart. I was surprised by San Andreas though. I liked the grounded camerawork. The extended steadicam take when the quake hits Carla Gugino was a highlight. Didn’t expect emotional subplot either. Normally, I hate disaster movies, but this was entertaining.


    • Thanks man and yeah you can tell where Josh Tranks influence ended imo, he had nice ideas but that darn Fox *waves fist in the air*. San Andreas had some great visual effects to be fair and the scale of destruction was some good spectacle, plus I’ll watch anything with the Rock in it and it did have some entertainment value.

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