Merry Christmas

So yeah this isn’t a film related post but it is Christmas so yeah, merry Christmas from me, the Doc, to all of you out there and I hope you have a great, wonderful day of present opening, quality family time however awkward and uncomfortable it may be at times (but that’s Christmas) and eating way to much food, to end the day watching some Christmas films (and yes, Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas film so it counts).

Enjoy the day everyone!


13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    • I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Dan and haha yeah it’s always a good call, I wanted to re-watch The Hobbit trilogy yesterday but didn’t quite get to, I always feel like watching it around Christmas for some reason.

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      • Fantasy ties in with Christmas nicely 😉 And those films you feel like a kid anyways. It’s like a double dose, eh. Hahah. or me, I get in the mood for a goof d sprawling western. Hateful 8 and Revenant can’t get here fast enough.


      • Yeah I’ve found that it does, it’s an interesting connection and yeah just generally I love epic fantasy. I’m always up for a good Western myself and can’t wait to see the Hateful Eight – hearing it’s great, same with The Revenant.

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      • Likewise man. Can’t wait for those 2 Westerns. I just saw Bone Tomahawk. Check my review. I think you may like that flick. And you may have a new fav writer/director. Really impressive cinema mixed with some pulp 😉


      • Well, if you thought of Morpheus as Santa bringing Neo his gift of The Red Pill. The Nebuchadnezzar could be Santa’s sleigh, his crew the reindeer. The Oracle could be Mrs Clause. The agents could be kids from the Naughty List. Dozer could be Frosty ’cause he gets melted – wow, what is wrong with me?!?

        K, gonna stop there. XD


      • Lol I like that idea, quite elaborate and Morpheus would be just about the coolest Santa ever haha. It’s fun to theorise over the Matrix though and trust me, I’ve heard stranger theories lol.

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      • Lol more intrigued I’d say, some people have some interesting theories out there, have you heard of the film theorists on youtube? Cool channel and they put up a ‘Neo isn’t the one’ theory recently, it has some cool ideas.

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