Are people still excited for X-Men Apocalypse?

This is a bit of a weird thing to say but y’know, Foxs ‘X-Men films are huge, pretty much always box office hits and very popular, they’re very much a staple in the modern superhero film slate and have their own distinct presence and with the new re-booted films, there’s a freshness and good feeling around the series again. X-Men Apocalypse is on the way and set for release next May after wrapping filming and we know what to expect, having seen the first trailer for it, there a bunch of new loo characters, a new Storm (Alexandra Shipp) Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) as well as Apocalypse himself (Oscar Isaac) and everything looks good so far.

What’s cool about Apocalypse is that it probably won’t quite feel like First Class or Days Of Future Past and will have its own distinct feeling story, we’ve dealt with a period film in which nuclear apocalypse almost happened in First Class and a post apocalyptic world in Days of Future Past but this time around we have one single mutant who can sway and influence other mutants with his powers and will be the big bad that everyone needs to confront in one way or another. A villain that can influence and control others and will also be using a few X-Men to do his bidding.

I’m pretty excited for the film but are other people? It’s hard to gauge audience anticipation for it but it seems like a film that no one’s really talking about, or at least not in the same capacity as people are talking about Batman V Superman or Captain America Civil War and remember, we don’t have a trailer for Civil War either and that’s out just 3 weeks before X-Men Apocalypse. But I don’t need to tell you how hyped Civil War already is, which is understandable with Marvel putting together so many of their characters in a pretty thrilling story line but still, the Apocalypse story line that the film is going with is also pretty big and the character himself is one of the strongest mutants, despite some X-Men fans being a bit iffy about the way he looks. Maybe when it comes to sheer hype, X-Men films simply doesn’t hold the same weight as big DC hitters in Superman and Batman and Marvels top tier but the X-Men still has a great roster of characters and a few of them are some of Marvels favourites e.g. Wolverine, Magneto, Jean Grey.

It makes sense for X-Men to come out third best compared to 2016s other 2 big superhero movies but still, I would have thought the film would have some more anticipation to it with the film out in just 5 months, though people did seem to generally like the trailer, I did see a few vocal critics of how the trailer looks. I’m fairly sure X-Men Apocalypse will be another hit for Bryan Singer but I’m wondering if it will get a bit lost among the crowd in a year with Batman V Superman, Captain America: Civil War, Dr Strange and Suicide Squad, we’ll have to wait and see how audiences take it in (or not) and it should be an interesting barometer of how people still feel about the X-Men franchise.


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