Steve Jobs review

Danny Boyle directs biopic Steve Jobs, which follows the late inventor and former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, behind the scenes of three key product launches at different stages in his career, the film stars Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg.

Aaron Sorkins signature writing shines right through Steve Jobs and is clearly evident, working in tandem well with Danny Boyles direction and the films structure, we see Jobs in key, important moments in his career at Apple as he and his closest advisor’s plan for different product launches. The film isn’t a story chronicling Jobs life from childhood to manhood or the foundations of Apples but what it is, is an interesting look at the man, the way his mind worked and some of the drama that surrounded him because of his personality, with some added dramatic and cinematic flare of course.

Certain scenes are tense and suspenseful affairs as Jobs squares off against people and sometimes rubs people up the wrong way but you do come to understand in a way, why he functioned the way he did and why he may have come across as stubborn in his relentless drive for success, notoriety for exclusive features and popularity.

And understandably, it’s a bit of a love hate affair with the story and its structure I feel, though the performances are great, Fassbender especially disappears into the role as Jobs and gives a stellar performance and Kate Winslet is fantastic as his long time friend and aide Joanna Hoffman, who proves to be more than a match for Jobs demeanour and sharp wit. The dialogue is great in Sorkins typical fast moving, entertaining style and it makes for some great drama but I can understand if this takes away from the dramatic impact and makes some points in the plot feel more like a scripted drama than real life events that actually happened. But that being said, the writing is great and though myself, you and many people around the world didn’t know Jobs personally and can’t really say, the writing helps to create an interesting, captivating picture of the man and what he was like, the dialogue makes him feel like a character but Fassbender brings a bit of humanity to the role to make him feel more human and ‘real’.

Steve Jobs is a good film, entertaining and interesting with some great drama, it’s not quite the hard hitting emotional package that you may go into it expecting but it has some good performances nonetheless and seeing shades of Jobs get revealed as the plot goes on makes for some interesting viewing, the writing is a highlight for sure with some brilliant, fast moving dialogue which does at times make things feel a bit more unrealistic and TV drama as opposed to real life story. But all in all, the result is a good drama, not a particularly deep one but still an engaging watch.


. Has some great performances from Fassbender, Winslet

. Writing is fantastic, entertaining but a bit overly dramatic at times

. Plot is engaging throughout, holds your interest


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