Happy new Year

Well would you look at that, we’ve bid faire well to 2015 and 2016 has kicked off already. It’s a brand new year and we have a good 365 days of entertainment to look forward to and a bunch of hugely hyped, massive films in the pipeline. I hope this year will be an even bigger and better one for Docthewho and I plan to keep bringing interesting and varied content for you, dear reader and I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of things to discuss in the coming weeks and month.

But yeah happy new year to all, I hope you had a great New Years Eve and here’s to a hopefully enjoyable, fruitful and memorable year to come for you and yes, a top 2016 films to look forward list is on the way.


2 thoughts on “Happy new Year

  1. Back at ya man – have a sweet 2016. 😀

    (Ya know, I don’t think anyone’s catching me using “sweet” playing on the “16” in 2016) :/


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