Suicide Squad official trailer #1


David Ayers upcoming Suicide Squad has a brand new trailer out, encompassing it’s nutty, loose cannon characters and what they’ll essentially be getting up to, building on from the intrigue and darker tone of the first teaser, the trailer’s clearly more upbeat and wacky as the quirks of the members of the Suicide Squad get emphasised.

They truly are a group of misfits and we see that in the character descriptions, which is what should make the film a lot of fun to watch – not to watch superheroes per se but to watch a band of rogues try to get along and somehow complete a mission, which will probably go horribly wrong. I like that we’ve now seen Jared Leto as The Joker, I like his look and I think he’ll be a good Joker, a very different one at that to one that we’ve seen on film before but something nuanced hopefully. We also seem to be in for a significant role from Enchantress who may have a bigger part to play in the story than you may have thought as we see certain mystical and magical entities/things in the trailer, (Enchantress loses it and attacks everyone?) so that angle in addition to the Joker may be an interesting one.

Harley Quinn again takes a lot of the spotlight and I can’t wait to see Margot Robbies’ performance, alongside Will Smith as Deadshot of course and even Jai Courtney, who I’m quite looking forward to seeing as Captain Boomerang, he totally has the grimy waster image down and I think this could be a rarity – a good performance from Mr Courtney (just saying).

Overall I think the trailer’s pretty good, Bohemian Rhapsody is pretty much always a good choice of song for a trailer and it goes pretty well with Suicide Squad funnily enough, the trailer’s emphasised the wacky, crazy nature of the films story and I’m curious to see how everything plays out, any past doubts I’ve had over how certain characters look ha sort of faded to be honest and I’m anticipating see the finished product.


4 thoughts on “Suicide Squad official trailer #1

  1. Harley steals the show, deliciously evil. And Jai Courtney actually looked good here. All signs point to yes. I’m diggin the retro blue pink colour scheme too. Ayers is a nutso action director on top of all that. I can’t wait for Suicide. 😉 ok that sounded wrong


    • Yeah I’m really looking forward to seeing how Margot Robbie pulls off the role and for all intents and purposes, she should nail it.

      I think Ayers a great director this, a more gritty, dark comic book story and it seems like a great pairing. Lol well I can’t wait to see the Squad!

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