Batman V Superman official final trailer

Hi guys, yes I’m still alive and we have a new, final Batman V Superman trailer, following weeks of TV spots and 2 recent Superbowl teasers, this trailer kicks off with the Dark Knight in his element and seriously kicking some criminal ass, showing how effectively good he is now that he’s come out of retirement to fight crime (and Superman).

We also previous shots from trailers, establishing why Bruce wants to take out Superman and why they square up in the first place, with some emphasis here on how mismatched they are on fighting terms – at least I think so, though Batman looks to be giving it back to Superman pretty hard. And we get a bunch of new footage with quite a few combat scenes, namely between the two titular heroes and everything is looking good, we finally hear Gal Gadot as Wonderwoman talk which is good.

And importantly, the emphasis on this trailer is squarely on Batman and Superman fighting, which is something the fans all seem to want, with some past backlash to the trailer that showed Batman, Superman and Wonder woman teaming up against Doomsday, this trailer gets back to the premise and the basics of the story and I think it’s a great final trailer to hype people up for the film (if they even need to be more hyped up at this point). But yeah I can’t wait to see it.


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