Deadpool review

Deadpool is directed Tim Miller and stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccharin, TK Miller, Ed Skrein as we follow the life of mercenary Wade Wilson and his origin story in becoming the superpowered, super healing mercenary Deadpool, brash, unapologetic and blunt, the dialogue and writing in the film is as blunt and in your face as the violence and for the angle that Reynolds and Fox were going for, it works.

Reynolds is a pretty much perfect fit for the role and seems to pretty much be Wade Wilson in real life (minus the being a mercenary) and he’s a great embodiment of the character, bringing to life his wit and fast talking style, which may be annoying to some but there’s something endearingly earnest and real about Deadpool, a character that’s self aware and aware he’s being watched by us, the audience. And thus the fourth wall is broken with Deadpool talking directly to the viewer at certain points in the film (as he does in the comic books) and it’s a great touch, matching the style and tone of the characters straight out of the comics, authenticity is something that the film really nailed and Fox did a great job of capturing the essence of the character.

It may have taken a second try and years of campaigning and trying to figure out how to do it but they did it and it’s certainly a faithful adaptation, with sex, fairly gratuitous violence and a lot of swearing, which earned it its R rating in the US, something I think it really needed to have to really allow the character of Deadpool to be himself with no real boundaries. And even to the point of showcasing Deadpools’ fighting abilities and capabilities, he gets hurt but he heals, he’s also an excellent marksman and very skilled in hand to hand combat/with his swords and this is highlighted in some pretty brilliant fight sequences which are as frenetic and fast paced as Deadpools’ dialogue.

Plus with the film taking place in the realm of the X-Men (sort of), it was great to see 2 X-Men proper in Negasonic teenage warhead and Colossus, who had some fun interactions with Deadpool.

I have to say that the humour and writing is really on point as well, you already know about some of the funny moments in the film if you’ve seen the trailer or TV spots but there are quite a few peppered in throughout the course of the story and surprisingly more good jokes than I personally expected, with a few laugh out loud moments in there for sure. Especially with Weasel (TJ Miller) and Wades rapport and banter. As well as Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and Wades’ own rapport, which is another highlight of the film, their relationship is the underlying backbone to the film and in a sense, there is a crude version of a love story here as well as a revenge story and that added more flesh to the bones as it were, giving Wade Wilson motivation as he aims to reach his goal.

The acting on the whole is solid with Reynolds stealing the show, though Ed Skrein, I think makes a pretty awesome villain in Ajax, albeit a pretty basic and by the numbers one and the same can be said for his muscle, Angel (Gina Carano) and generally the plot is pretty simple but Deadpool brings the spice to proceedings and elevates the story to a much more fun and enjoyable level. You’ll get what you probably expect with Deadpool but that’s not a bad thing at all and the result is a pretty fun, genuinely funny comic book film that’s a breath of fresh air, something different and a very faithful adaptation of a comic book character.


. Great action, fight sequences and set pieces

. Well done humour, good writing

. Great pacing, well contained story


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