Star Wars: Rogue One official first trailer

So this was a bit out of the blue but it’s good timing as Star Wars fans seem to be talking/thinking about future films and Rogue One has of course been hotly anticipated but we’ve seen nothing of it as yet apart from a photo of the main cast. Anyway the trailer has dropped and it looks… intriguing, there’s a decidedly gritty tone to it I feel and we seem to be following Felicity Jones’ character Jane, an inciting rebel who appears to be the focal point of things, though even her rebellious actions are called into question by a younger looking Mon Mothma and other Rebels it seems.

The premise here of course is of the Rebels trying to steal the plans to the Death Star as the final touches are being placed on it, in order to compromise it as a whole and we see some interesting new shots, of a new imperial leader? Forest Whitakers’ character (unsure of where his allegiances lie), Donnie Yen beating on some stormtroopers (presumably he’s a rebel) and what seems to be a Shadow trooper, a different type of storm trooper.

We also get a look at a chamber of sorts and what I assume is a teaser at Darth Vader being in the story (as he’s rumoured to be starring in it), overall I’m interested and I’m totally down for this, visually it looks great and the story is intriguing to me, we knew the rebels had the Death Stars’ plans in A New Hope but seeing how they got them is a story in itself. Plus I’m interested to see a Star Wars film sans Jedi or sith fares (ok Vader’s in it but I doubt he’ll do much) critically, with fans and at the box office, we all know it’s a Star Wars film but will how different it feels be a good or bad thing?

There are a few unknowns with Rogue One, a film deliberately kept in the shadows but I’m keen on finding out more and on seeing it when it hits theatres in December.


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