Suicide Squad Blitz trailer


The 2nd trailer for Suicide Squad has dropped and it looks good, I mean like actually really good, I was already on board with the film from the initial trailer but I’m now eagerly anticipating this after some great marketing in what has been an intriguing change of tone from the first trailer to this most recent one.

With reports of the film going back for re-shoots for supposed additional humour (I doubt that), you can’t deny that the film’s definitely being marketed more as a zany, wild anti-hero affair now rather than a sombre, dark film, though I think WB needs to tread carefully in how they portray the film as to not end up falsely advertising it.

Things start off with Amanda Waller talking about Superman, who was also referenced in the first trailer, remarking that who could stop Superman if he decided to attack the white house – the Suicide Squad are a ‘counter-measure’, well we’ll see how that goes. Anyway if this trailer is an indication of what the film is going to be like, it looks like a lot of fun, something that DC films have been severely lacking in recently – Suicide Squad may just be Marvels Guardians and I think this tone will work a charm with the type of film that this is set up to be. Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag really seems to be taking on the leader role here surprisingly, stating how everyone needs to follow his orders or… they’ll die, though all other times it looks like Deadshot (Will Smith) is in charge so you can expect some rivalry there for sure and of course not every member of the team will get on.

And we see see an example of this with Deadshot riling up El Diablo to get a reaction out of him, though he seems to be doing that for a plot specific reason.

In fact none of them will really get on from the looks of it, but they’re forced to work together anyway as a dysfunctional unit, which adds to the impromptu nature of the plot, seem more of Jared Letos’ joker is an interesting touch, he looks every bit as manic and deranged as he did in the first trailer but y’know, in a good, Joker way. And also Batman, I mean Bat-fleck… seeing more of him is always a good thing, as is seeing Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) who seems to be quite central in a few scenes, making funny quips and it looks like she’ll be the source of a lot of comic relief unsurprisingly.

I’m intrigued, interested and fully on board, DC are going for the wild, fun ride with this film and the trailers have been great so far, hopefully the trailers don’t really misrepresent the final product but I’m eager to see what it’s like either way.


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