Gods of Egypt – review

Alex Proyas directs this fantasy adventure film set in a fictional ancient Egypt where Gods live and walk among the living, a human – Bek teams with the God Horus in order to battle Set, God of the underworld, who has plans to rule the world and unleash darkness upon it. The film stars Gerard Butler, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites, Elodie Young.

On the face of it Gods of Egypt is kinda cool, it’s got some decent actors, it’s set around something interesting (to me at least) in Ancient Egytpian mythology which is a hardly touched area for films let alone big budget films but predictably, the film is also a bit underwhelming in every way you probably expect it to be. You get thrown into the story rather abruptly as things get set up for the main players/characters, their motivations and the basis of the story but it all feels a bit jarring, maybe because Egyptian Gods just aren’t as recognizable or familiar to films or because the characters didn’t really get set up properly but things feel a bit rushed from the get go.

And that’s a main criticism of the story as a whole, things just feel very rushed and the plot moves at a breakneck speed, the action isn’t necessarily non-stop but it could use a few moments here and there to slow down and take a breath. I don’t fault the ambition in making a film like this though, it may feel very familiar in plot structure, character and tropes of fantasy adventure films in the vein of the 2010 Clash of the Titans but the Ancient Egyptian setting is a welcome change of scenery in my eyes.

A few positives here include the visuals with some cool looking set pieces and the epic scale of Egyptian Gods doing their thing being godly and all, including a fun sequence with the sun God Ra, also Coster-Waldau is great in the film as Horus and effortlessly fits into the cocky, quippy character type. The acting apart from that is… a tad theatrical and not in a good way, Gerard Butler as Set is larger than life as you’d expect, sort of like an evil version of Leonidas from 300 and Brenton Thwaites is adequate but I feel the guy keeps getting cast in roles like this that just under use his acting ability.

It’s not that the roles were miscast per-se, but they just didn’t really bring out the best in the actors that they were using. And as far as the plot itself goes, it’s just a bit dull and lifeless, things happen and progress as you’d expect but it’s just not really that fun, not as fun as it could have been at least. And well… that’s about it really, there isn’t much more to really say about the film as it’s more or less completely average in just about every way, it’s very by the numbers, predictable and you know what you’re going to get going into it, no surprises here but Nikolaj Coster Waldau really does have some lush hair, just saying.


. Has some nice visuals

. By the numbers plot

. Under uses its actors, has cliched characters


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