3 reasons why Rogue One is great news for Star Wars fans

You, me, your neighbours, your grandma, probably a lot of people already know about Rogue One and the hype is really building now with its December release just 8 months away now, hot on the heels of the ridiculously successful The Force Awakens, it’s weird to be talking about a new Star Wars film just months after the old one but hey, I’m all for it.

Anyway we’ve had our first look at Rogue One and it’s intriguing, a Star Wars film without Jedi (and barely any Sith, Vader may be in it), it”s a story a way removed from the main Episodic ones and it’s a breath of fresh air, though we’re having another film based around a Death Star but yeah. Regardless, here are some reasons why the films existence in itself is great for Star Wars fans and for the SW universe at large.


Varied storytelling

Star Wars is awesome, an overarching story focusing on big central themes and archetypes, good vs evil, familial bonds etc and it’s great, such things make for great bases for stories to tell and they make for really great films, what Rogue One opens up is a different type of story to tell, sure it’s good vs evil as ever but there may be a lot of sourness at the end if it’s a happy ending at all. The good guys may succeed but a lot of them may die, there may be a twist, who knows, we haven’t seen this story told at all so we have no idea where it will go – which is exciting, even though we know the outcome.

And that’s just for Rogue One, we haven’t seen a Star Wars film set in a different region of the galaxy, a film focused primarily on one character and not on a travelling group of main characters, we haven’t seen a trippy, mind bending type story. As you know, sci-fi can branch into a lot of sub-genres and that’s a lot of story variants that can be told. And that’s all within the Star Wars universe which is a pretty awesome thing.


A chance for more creativity

You can hate George Lucas for this or that… or well for many things but I like that he tried new things, brought new characters, planets, vehicles etc to the prequels and he brought things we’d never seen before, similar to some new things we can see in Rogue One, the world that these films inhabit is so expansive and possibility – something the expanded universe touched on a lot. And we really need to see that in films going forward, we’ll let Rogue One slide for now but no more Death Stars please or similar plot points or heroes arising from Desert planets, we could be in for brand new characters, planets, types of stories and that’s pretty exciting in itself.

The new directors attached to the Star Wars stories films going forward seem to be pretty creative, forward thinking minds as well so I have every hope we’ll see progressive storytelling and new ideas, something the franchise really needs. What was Obi-Wan doing on Tatooine for 20 years or so between Episode III and IV? What are the origins of the Sith and Jedi according to the films canon? What about mandalorians, what’s their history, could a mandalorian be a Jedi or Sith?

You get where I’m going but you can just run and run with this, a little creativity won’t hurt Disney!

A break from the main story

Now the main Star wars episodes are the bread and butter of the franchise of course, the big boys, big bucks and the driving force of the franchise that we know and love but these potential side stories, prequels, origin stories are great ideas because one – it’s more Star Wars for everyone but to link to my first point, it opens up new avenues for storytelling and gives us a break from the main story as well. It’s great to get more ways to tell stories set in this franchise and to get different types of stories as it gives audiences something new and different to look forward to every time, new films may not follow familiar story structures, they may have vastly different characters and themes but I think getting something different is the key.

Well that was my two cents and just a few ideas I have on why and how Rogue One is great news for Star Wars fans going forward, as big SW fan I personally can’t wait to see the film myself and find out what it’s really like.


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