Captain America Civil War review

Joe and Anthony Russo direct the latest entry in the ever growing MCU as battle lines are drawn right through the Avengers as they clash over a significant moral dilemma, the film stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Mackie, Scarlett Johansson,  Sebastian Stan, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Chadwick Boseman.

Civil War feels like a sort of culmination of everything that’s happened in the MCU to date, with clear references to events and films of the past which set up the premise of the film, based roughly on the Civil War comic story of the same name which saw long time friends and allies fighting against each over a proposed superhero registration act, that’s not quite the case in the film but it’s close enough. As you may expect, Cap and Iron Man disagree (as ever), this leads to the eventual conflict and it’s actually believable and the plot works really well in getting its point across on both sides, you can completely see why the Avengers should sign the Sikovia Accords from a moral point of view and vice versa, why it may be a pretty bad idea.

Interesting ethical and moral themes are tackled in the film with a surprising amount of depth and the emotional points hit home quite well, this is far from an all out action film and the dramatic moments are executed excellently, helped by a well structured plot, backed by some great acting, with the usual actors on their A-Game as you’d expect. Central to this is Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers relationship along with Bucky being in the mix and it’s quite impactful and emotional to see see long time friends go at each other. Moving onto other cast members, Paul Bettany as Vision getting more of an important role this time around alongside seeing more Falcon (Anthony Mackie) was great and even with such a big cast, you still get a feel for each characters personality and seeing them agree, disagree and just generally interact is half of the fun. With some notable additions and big screen debuts with Black Panther and Spiderman of course, these characters are the proverbial cherry on top to an already stellar film, Chadwick Boseman nails Black Panthers persona in my view and seeing him in full costume is great, which makes you wonder why it took so long to actually get him alongside his fellow Marvel counterparts.

Spiderman is a highlight, Tom Holland encapsulates the depiction of a youthful, naive Peter Parker still starting out and it was a joy to see him interact with other Marvel characters, it’s a dream come true for any Marvel fan and if you haven’t seen the film yet – you’re probably going to love his appearance.

Fun – that’s something Marvel has excelled in with the MCU and Civil War is no exception, it’s decidedly darker than previous films but importantly it’s never dour or depressing like some.. other recent prominent comic book film you might say. The Avengers world saving efforts are put into a real world perspective, giving proceedings a grounded touch but the film is still very enjoyable with some very awesome and visceral set pieces, namely the airport fight – which you just have to see for yourself but it sums up what’s great about Civil War, it’s entertaining, engrossing and simply enough, great spectacle.

The action is easily on par if not better than the action scenes in Winter Soldier, if that’s a standard to go by and the Russos’ clearly know how to direct well choreographed, frenetic action and there’s plenty to be had here, with some of the best action sequences in a Marvel film and in a comic book film in general I’d say, the Winter Soldier really, really kicks ass and Sebastian Stan gives a great performance. Civil War is an excellent film, well crafted and deftly balanced even with its long run time and wealth of characters, the combination of dramatic stakes, humour, levity, great action and consequence for the characters and the actions makes for a compelling story, with more depth than you may expect, it’s a great watch and one of Marvels best, if not their best film to date. Believe the hype, it is that good.


. Has some excellent action sequences

. Incorporates impactful emotional points and addresses points that have underpinned previous Marvel films

. Addresses interesting themes and ethics

. Balances its ensemble cast of characters well, Black Panther and Spiderman are done superbly well

. Manages to balance dark, serious overtones and themes with levity and humour


5 thoughts on “Captain America Civil War review

  1. Great review! I really like how Marvel introduces new superheroes that I know little or nothing about and makes me excited for them. Vision and Black Panther are great examples of that, of course Guardians of the Galaxy are another. I literally got chills when seeing Black Panther in full costume and I loved that chase sequence.


    • Thanks man! Yeah they really know how to manage their characters and even with such a big cast, it felt like everyone got their moment and had something to do, seeing more Vision was great.

      Panther and Spiderman were definitely highlights and yeah they really upped the ante for Panther and Winter Soldier in scme scenes, the action scenes were in a word, excellent, great choreography.

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